White Patches on Skin – Myths and Facts about Vitiligo

Vitiligo is one of the skin conditions where a person starts developing pale white patch over parts of the skin. This is caused because of melanin deficiency in the skin. While vitiligo can affect any part of the body, but most commonly it is observed on skin folds, neck and face (primarily starting from the eyes). Vitiligo cannot be reversed, but a successful vitiligo treatment can reduce the problems that you may be facing. Here, we will discuss the myths and facts associated with the problem.


  • People with dark coloured skin are more prone to the condition
  • People suffering from vitiligo are more likely to get affected by other physical and mental disorders
  • One can predict vitiligo and its intensity
  • Vitiligo is associated with skin cancer and leprosy as well
  • Vitiligo symptoms aggravate with certain food combinations
  • Vitiligo is infectious
  • The problem only affects exposed skin of face or hands


While these myths are common to a layman, what most people do not know are these facts.

  • Vitiligo is not infectious
  • There is no permanent solution or cure to the problem, but a good vitiligo treatment in delhi can give you a reassurance that things can turn up well
  • Vitiligo treatment does not guarantee a permanent cure, but therapies like UV Light, medications, grafting and steroids can help
  • Vitiligo is neither related to genes, nor ethnicity
  • The condition isn’t related to dark skin; it is just more noticeable in the darker skin tones
  • Vitiligo has nothing to do with leprosy or skin cancer
  • Vitiligo isn’t affected by the lifestyle choices or foods that you eat

In case you have symptoms or patches linked with vitiligo, you must check with a good dermatologist. Dermalife has some of the best ones for the vitiligo treatment in delhi.


For Healthy Retina Contact a Good Retina Specialist

Retina, one of the most common portions of eye where problems occur, can be treated with the help of retina specialist. Retina specialist is primarily the doctor who specializes in ophthalmology. Then, there are also those doctors who specialize in sub-categories. These specialists help you with disease management of vitreous body of retina and eyes. The sub-specialty of retina diseases management is handled through the branch of medical science called vitreoretinal medicine.

Retina specialists have a special training and they achieve so by completing their medical school degree and vitreoretinal training. These specialists are experts in diagnosing vitreous and retinal diseases. To detect any problem, the doctor may conduct a detailed medical eye examination with the help of technical equipment and also testing. These specialists work in not just the hospitals, but also their clinics so as to treat certain eye conditions in not just adults, but also children.

The surgical and medical processes used by the doctors are exacting. Vitreoretinal surgeons are specialized in working on very delicate tissues on inexplicably small eye cavities. During the treatment of such medical conditions, laser and microscopes play a crucial role.

One needs to trust the gut feeling to get access to best retina specialist in India. From age-related degeneration of macular to eye cancers, retina specialists can treat a range of conditions. Retinal detachment can also be treated by the specialists. Also, the patients where eye trauma is severe can get in touch with the specialist for treating conditions.

Some of the common conditions that a retina specialist can handle include-

  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinal detachment
  • Macular hole/pucker

Viaan Eye Center offers comprehensive consultation and has the best retina specialist in India; who provide best treatment with latest techniques and technology.

Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi- Research your options

Anal fissures primarily are the cracks that can occur in anal canal and anus. The problem may range from being acute to chronic, depending upon the level of elevation of this disease. The basic cause known for the problem is trauma that may have happened due to constipation. Now, one needs to understand here that certain non-traumatic events can also be a cause of anal fissures. The first visible or felt symptom of the problem is pain that may occur during bowel movement. Some of the other events include itching, bleeding and malodorous discharge. A visual inspection can testify the presence of anal fissures, after which you may need an immediate anal fissure treatment or other city of your choice.

Since anal fissure is often also associated with certain taboos and hesitation, therefore people may initially consider treating it in a conservative manner at home itself. There may be certain OTC products that can help relieve the problem, but the final cure is only to find a suitable doctor for anal fissure treatment.

However, there are a few things that you may do for a little relief. These include softening stool by eating a diet that is high in fiber content. Using sitz baths is also what you may do. Sometimes, for the initial stages, your doctor may give you steroids, nitroglycerin, anesthetic ointments and calcium channel blocking medicines.

The standard anal fissure treatment in delhi and elsewhere is the lateral sphincterotomy surgery. The surgical procedure is reserved for those patients where non-surgical procedures have failed to fetch results. This is thus, considered a last resort. For a good doctor in Delhi, you should research well. One of the excellent doctors for treating the fissures is Dr. Amit Agarwal. You can get in touch with him for consultation and guidance.

IVF Treatment in India- Paving Way to Parenthood

Infertility among young women has become one of the major issues of modern lifestyle. However, medical science has found a solution to all problems and with advancement in medical science, there is also a way to achieve what you have been longing for. However, it is important to understand that age will play a vital role in your success of fertilization. Any woman who wants to conceive should do it at a younger age because age is definitely a hindrance to the problem. This is so because during IVF, when your body is younger, it can produce its own eggs, which plays a vital role in the success of treatment. IVF treatment in India has become common and extremely cost effective now.

Infertility disorders treated in India

Some of the disorders associated with infertility that can be treated in India include –

  • Damaged and blocked fallopian tubes
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Sperm related issues or low sperm count
  • Endometriosis

There are a lot of foreign patients seeking fertility treatments in their own country and they are spending a whole lot fortune there. In order to get a world-class and at par medical IVF treatment in India, you just need to get in link with a good medical tourism company here. Such a company can connect you with the best doctors and help you by giving their personal attention.

With high success rates and smoother process handling, such companies will take away the pressure from you and will guide you to good doctors, IVF specialists and surgeons who can ensure a success rate.

Alleevia is one of the trustworthy medical tourism companies in India. One can contact the company for a range of treatments, including this IVF treatment in India. You may connect with them for complete package details, while also understanding the visa process.

Tips on finding the best dermatologist in New Delhi

It takes immense faith or trust to put your face into the hands of a doctor. It’s your face, after all. Finding a good laser center and a dermatologist is as important as undergoing a surgery. Here are some of the tips to find the best dermatologist in New Delhi.

Know the difference between just okay and good doctor

Dermatologist will know how to fix your problem and deliver expected results with efficiency and also offer you an excellent value for your money.

Is there the on-site doctor?

Believe it, there are a few centers where a dermatologist is not available on site. It is important that your dermatologist is found on the site and helps you overcome your fear by restoring your faith in the surgical procedure.

Is the business an older or newer one?

A newer business will do all possible efforts to attract new customers. Even though not all new businesses are unpromising, but a wise choice would be to go for someone who has at least 2-3 years of experience. An older business will assure you a guarantee of success.

Do not give your commitment at the clinic

It is most ideal that when you go for the consultation, do not give your commitment over anything. Take your time to decide what exactly you need and how you have been consulted at the clinic. The best dermatologist in New Delhi will answer all your questions and clarify your doubts. But it is ideal to cross check and verify their claims.

Dermalife is one of the most sought-after clinics for dermatology. Their team of skilled and proficient doctors has expertise in treating all types of complex skin problems. One may check this clinic for consultation.

Understanding Arthritis and its treatment options for an active lifestyle

Arthritis is one of the most common health problems faced by many people all over the world. It can affect anyone; the elderly, the young and even the children, all can get affected by it. But it affects women and elderly more. People who are overweight also have a probability of getting affected by this problem. Arthritis is a painful condition pertaining to inflammation in the joints restricting your daily activities. In simple words, it is a medical condition relating to joint pain or diseases.

Arthritis may affect your hands, fingers, knees, hips, neck and spine and lower back. The most common symptoms of arthritis are swelling, stiffness, chronic joint pain, tiredness, restricted joint movement while walking, sitting and standing. If you suffer from any of these symptoms then it is time you get in touch with a doctor for arthritis treatment in Delhi. If you don’t pay attention to your arthritis problem at an early stage then there are chances of long-term or irreparable damage to the joints leading to a possibility of a surgery.

The sooner you begin your arthritis treatment in delhi the better your results will be. Accurate diagnosis is very important, as the course of treatment differs with the type of arthritis disorder. Mostly, when people talk about arthritis disorder; they are either referring to rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. In fact, there are over hundred different forms of arthritis related problems. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis; in which the cartilage wears down as you grow old. While rheumatoid arthritis and other disorders are autoimmune diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks its own joint tissues and cartilage.

There are numerous hospitals and clinics for arthritis treatment in delhi; one such name is Dr Roy Joint Clinic. The clinic provides exceptional treatment at reasonable price with outstanding success rate.

Tips for getting a Laser Tattoo Removal

For many people, getting a tattoo inked is something really personal which they wouldn’t want to change or modify. However, if you feel sorry about a tattoo and wish to get rid of it, laser tattoo removal in Delhi is what you need to seek out. But before you jump to a solution, here are a few things that you should definitely know.

  • Setting your expectations- A good clinic will honestly let you know about how much they shall be able to help. It is thus best suggested that you do not go to any skin clinic with high expectations. It is wise to only set your hopes once you have talked to your doctor regarding the apt laser tattoo removal in delhi.
  • Number of procedures- “One size fits all” isn’t something that you should take away as a conclusion when you are reading about laser treatment for permanent tattoo removal. Depending upon the kind of tattoo you have and the ink used there, you may have a customized removal option.
  • Cost- One thing that you need to know is that there are chances that you may have more than one procedure for removal of your tattoo and the costs may be high.
  • Different laser technologies- Before you visit a doctor for the laser tattoo removal in Delhi, it is better you educate yourself on the kinds of laser technologies present today. There are different wavelengths of lasers that are required to treat varied colors. Sometimes, the colourful tattoos may require a combined laser treatment with different wavelengths.

Though the post-procedural symptoms may occur, but a good clinic, such as Dermalife will honestly answer your questions and assure you of the expected results. They are one of the best, reliable and most reasonably priced tattoo removal clinics in Delhi.

Walk a Normal Life With a Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

A bone joint is a point of connection between two bones, thus helping in smooth and swift movement of different body parts. When sever joint pain or muscle pain, stiffness or inflexibility in the joints, swelling or restricted movement of any joint hinders and slow down your daily activities, a joint replacement surgery is usually suggested by a joint replacement surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon.

Joint replacement is a surgical treatment in which a damaged or a dysfunctional joint is replaced with man-made orthopedic implant. Replacing a dysfunctional joint helps in reducing pain and also enables free movement of the limb. Knee and hip joints are replaced most commonly, while other joints like shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle can also be replaced by surgical procedure.

When all other nonsurgical treatments like medication or physical therapy do not help in easing the pain and anxiety of a patient, the best joint replacement surgeons in Delhi recommend joint replacement. A joint replacement surgery requires cautious planning as it gives you back your freedom of movement and an active lifestyle. Once you have decided to undergo a joint replacement surgery, the next step is to choose the best joint replacement surgeon. The best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi generally explains and mentally prepares the patient for the forthcoming treatment procedure; possible risks and problems and precautions; so as to make him feel comfortable and relaxed. While performing the surgery the surgeon will replace the damaged joint with a new artificial orthopedic implant. Initially the patients will experience some pain and discomfort, but it is normal as the body is adapting to the new joint and muscles and tissues are healing. Post the surgery physical therapy is very important. Your doctor will advise you exercises to help improve the joint movement and strengthening the muscles and tissues.

Don’t Live with Hair Loss – Treat it before it’s too late

Hair loss is a major concern for men around the world and unfortunately there is no cure for this problem. Many men have just accepted this fact that hair loss is irreversible and they can’t do anything about it. They learn to live with their bald or pattern baldness looks even though they don’t like it. they are forced to go for alternatives using which they can hide their baldness, like, they opt for wigs or hats. But everyone knows that this is not a permanent solution for their problem. Going to the Hair Transplant Clinic can prove to be of great help for men who are experiencing hair loss as these clinics give you both surgical and non-surgical options to deal with your problem.

It is important that while choosing a good Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi for yourself, don’t keep the cost of treatment as your priority and give more weightage to the reputation of clinic as well as the experience & skills of the hair transplant surgeon who will perform the procedure. Many times, people think that clinics that offer costly treatment are much better than the one who offer hair loss treatments at affordable cost. but this is not the case and you may end up with results that are not satisfying because the surgeon who performed the treatment was not qualified enough. Hence, beware of fake clinics and their owners.

Dermalife Clinic located in Delhi is the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi that offers its patients with numerous options for hair loss. Depending on the amount of hair loss and your health conditions, Dr. Gaurav Garg will advise you treatments. You can openly talk to him about all your concerns and expect fruitful results from whatever procedure is done.

Women must come forward and opt for hair transplant for better looks

There is a common notion among all that men suffer from hair loss and they need treatments for it. People usually talk about the problem of baldness among men and nobody talks about the hair loss in women. It is actually scary because women are equally suffering from the issue of thinning of hair that further leads to baldness in them. Hence, this problem is common in both sexes and one should certainly do something about it so that it can be solved. Women usually face this problem due to stress or hormonal changes in their body. At times, chemical burns can also lead to baldness. Chemotherapy is another medical condition in which women tend to lose all their hair and suffer from baldness. In such situations, females feel embarrassed to face others and keep themselves away from meeting other people.

Women Hair Transplant in Delhi is now widely accepted by all as it is a very effective technique to restore your lost hair. Hair transplant not only helps women improve their appearance but it also makes them more confident so that they can face the world in a better way. This procedure is performed in the same manner in women as in men. Here, the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will take hair follicles from that portion of your head that has fuller looks and will transplant these follicles in the area where there is thinning of hair or bald patches.

Dr. Gaurav Garg is an expert dermatologist who performs best Women Hair Transplant in Delhi at most affordable cost. He keeps himself updated with the latest techniques that come in the market and therefore, uses them in the procedure. Ultra-modern equipment is used by him in hair transplant and due to this, he always manages to get accurate and desired outcomes.