Don’t Live with Hair Loss – Treat it before it’s too late

Hair loss is a major concern for men around the world and unfortunately there is no cure for this problem. Many men have just accepted this fact that hair loss is irreversible and they can’t do anything about it. They learn to live with their bald or pattern baldness looks even though they don’t like it. they are forced to go for alternatives using which they can hide their baldness, like, they opt for wigs or hats. But everyone knows that this is not a permanent solution for their problem. Going to the Hair Transplant Clinic can prove to be of great help for men who are experiencing hair loss as these clinics give you both surgical and non-surgical options to deal with your problem.

It is important that while choosing a good Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi for yourself, don’t keep the cost of treatment as your priority and give more weightage to the reputation of clinic as well as the experience & skills of the hair transplant surgeon who will perform the procedure. Many times, people think that clinics that offer costly treatment are much better than the one who offer hair loss treatments at affordable cost. but this is not the case and you may end up with results that are not satisfying because the surgeon who performed the treatment was not qualified enough. Hence, beware of fake clinics and their owners.

Dermalife Clinic located in Delhi is the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi that offers its patients with numerous options for hair loss. Depending on the amount of hair loss and your health conditions, Dr. Gaurav Garg will advise you treatments. You can openly talk to him about all your concerns and expect fruitful results from whatever procedure is done.


Women must come forward and opt for hair transplant for better looks

There is a common notion among all that men suffer from hair loss and they need treatments for it. People usually talk about the problem of baldness among men and nobody talks about the hair loss in women. It is actually scary because women are equally suffering from the issue of thinning of hair that further leads to baldness in them. Hence, this problem is common in both sexes and one should certainly do something about it so that it can be solved. Women usually face this problem due to stress or hormonal changes in their body. At times, chemical burns can also lead to baldness. Chemotherapy is another medical condition in which women tend to lose all their hair and suffer from baldness. In such situations, females feel embarrassed to face others and keep themselves away from meeting other people.

Women Hair Transplant in Delhi is now widely accepted by all as it is a very effective technique to restore your lost hair. Hair transplant not only helps women improve their appearance but it also makes them more confident so that they can face the world in a better way. This procedure is performed in the same manner in women as in men. Here, the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will take hair follicles from that portion of your head that has fuller looks and will transplant these follicles in the area where there is thinning of hair or bald patches.

Dr. Gaurav Garg is an expert dermatologist who performs best Women Hair Transplant in Delhi at most affordable cost. He keeps himself updated with the latest techniques that come in the market and therefore, uses them in the procedure. Ultra-modern equipment is used by him in hair transplant and due to this, he always manages to get accurate and desired outcomes.

Improve Your Quality of life with Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee pain can occur in any age but usually old age people are more prone to it because as they age, their knee joint tends to wear away causing knee troubles. They experience pain and swelling in their knees along with redness & tenderness in the affected areas. As a result of this, walking becomes very difficult and other daily activities like sitting, climbing stairs, bending become painful. Daily routine tasks become impossible for them and hence their activities are restricted. Due to stiffness in their knee joint, they are not even able to move and therefore they need to go to the Best knee replacement surgeon for the treatment.

Earlier, people were unaware about the benefits of knee replacement surgery and very few people opted for it because they were scared to go under the knife.But now much awareness has been made among the people worldwide about this surgery and hence there is a steep rise in number of people getting this surgery done.Moreover, recently there has been a huge slash in the rates of knee replacement surgery.Thus, it has become easy for people to get it done at very reasonable cost.

Famous knee replacement surgeon often tells people about the benefits of this surgery.One should always choose an experienced and best knee replacement surgeon in delhi in order to have minimal complications after the surgery. If an inexperienced surgeon performs your surgery,then there are higher risks of knee problems to occur during or post-surgery like infection,bleeding,wrong placement of prosthesis etc.Hence, consult only Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy for the finest knee replacement surgery to be done accurately & precisely. He takes extra care while performing this surgery to ensure that no problems occur for the patient later on. You can expect for best results.

Don’t get embarrassed from Stress urinary incontinence….Treat it successfully with surgery

Stress urinary incontinence is a medical condition in which a person has no control over his/her urge to urinate. This problem can be found more commonly in females than males. This is a very embarrassing situation and the person who suffers from this problem feels really awkward in front of others, though there is nothing under her control. Such people avoid going to social gatherings and they start keeping themselves away from their friends & relatives as they are scared that they might urinate in front of them. Women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries or those who are pregnant as in this condition, their sphincter and pelvic muscles become weak.

It is important that people should be aware of this fact that in Stress urinary incontinence, the “stress” doesn’t mean “mental stress or emotional stress”. In fact, this “stress” refers to the physical pressure that is put on the bladder and due to this, a person can’t control his urine. This physical pressure can be in the form of cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, jump, physical activity etc. In such condition, a person may release either few drops of urine or may have large urine flow. Stress urinary incontinence surgery in Delhi is needed to treat this problem when it is in its severe form. This usually happens when the patient suffers from Stress urinary incontinence on daily basis and thus her life is greatly affected.

Dr.Alka Sinha is an experienced and extremely talented gynaecologist who has performed many Stress urinary incontinence surgery in Delhi with high patient satisfaction rate. She ensures that patient is at full comfort level with her during the treatment and provides personalized care to all. You must meet her to solve your queries related to Stress urinary incontinence and visit her website for more details .

Never ignore your skin problems – Treat them through expert hands

Taking care of your own skin is really important as it directly impacts your appearance. As you age, you start facing certain problems with your skin like wrinkles, dark lines etc. There are other issues also that you may face on your skin like pimples, acne, warts, dark patches etc. Usually, when people go through these skin problems, they initially try home remedies to get rid of them. But when nothing seems to work then they go to professionals in this field for the solution of their problems. A dermatologist is the best person to guide you and treat you for your skin issues. Depending on the skin problems you are facing, Best skin doctor in South Delhi will suggest you the treatment accordingly.

There are number of skin treatments offered by the Best skin doctor in South Delhi, namely:

  • Face lift surgery
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Skin polishing
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin peeling
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Dark spots and whiteheads treatment
  • Laser hair removal
  • Stretch mark removal treatment
  • Under eye dark circles treatment

Whatever problem you have, talk to your dermatologist and he will suggest remedy accordingly. Your skin is the most sensitive part of your body and it must be cared for the most. Always go to a professional for your skin problems. Ensure that the dermatologist you choose for yourself has ample of experience in this field because one wrong move of the doctor can cause permanent scars on your skin.

Dr. Gaurav Garg in DERMALIFE is one of the leading skin doctors in South Delhi who offers only that treatment for your skin which he thinks is most suited. He will never led you down with his treatments and will always give you desirable results. You must meet him at his clinic and get the right advice for your skin problems.

Bone Infections – Treat them through experts for lesser complications

Human body is made up of number of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. If any problem arises in them, then it is the Best Orthopaedics surgeon in Delhi who comes to your rescue. He diagnoses and treats various problems related to your musculoskeletal system. Any kind of bone infections must be treated soon so that it doesn’t spread further through blood stream. Your bones can be infected by either bacteria or fungi. People with diabetes are at greater risk of being a victim of bone infections. Moreover, when there is poor circulation of blood in the body or any injury is caused, then also there are greater chances of a person getting bone infection. One may even experience some symptoms when he is suffering from infection of the bones like fever, chills, severe pain in the bones, redness in the affected area, tenderness and swelling in the joints. Whenever, you see these symptoms, don’t ignore them as they may cause you a lot of trouble later on. In such circumstances, it is always advised to take the help of some expert orthopaedic surgeon as he will guide you in right direction.

Orthopaedic surgeon will first recommend certain blood tests along with imaging tests to know the root cause of the problem and also to check the damage caused to the bones. Bone scanning or bone X-ray may be done to know the problem in your bones. Then accordingly, he will formulate a treatment plan for you. If the infection caused to the bones is not severe, then the famous orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi will prescribe some medicines. In case, a lot of damage is caused to the bones due to infection, then surgery is often suggested.

Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy is one of the best orthopaedics surgeon in Delhi who treats bone infection in the best possible manner. You must contact him for optimum results.

Umbilical hernia repair – Do you really need it?

Umbilical hernia is a hernia that usually occurs in children but at times, even adults suffer from it. In this medical condition, a group of intestines push the muscles through a weak spot in the abdomen. As a result of this, a pouch is formed and it seems that something is protruding from the abdomen. This is known as umbilical hernia. In children below three years, this hernia is repaired by itself. But in cases when the hernia doesn’t get alright even after 4-5 years of age then surgery is required. Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Delhi is not a very complex procedure and therefore, patients should not be worried before getting this surgery done.

When adults suffer from Umbilical Hernia, at times they may develop a serious condition. This usually happens when this hernia obstructs the blood flow in certain parts of the body. It causes the area around the umbilical hernia to be blue. A patient may also feel severe pain in the affected area, nausea or vomiting. In such circumstances, one should immediately get the best Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Delhi done else it may create serious consequences for the patient.

One doesn’t always need a surgery when he is suffering from Umbilical Hernia. It is mainly done in those cases where Umbilical Hernia is causing a lot of pain to the patient or when this hernia is very large in size. You must contact Dr. Amit Agarwal regarding Umbilical Hernia information. If you or any of your family members is suffering from it then talk to Dr. Agarwal as he is the best person to guide you in this situation. He will thoroughly check the patient’s health conditions and then would suggest if Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Delhi is required or not.

Treat your cataract in the most convenient way

best cataract eye surgeon in delhi ncrA cataract is a common problem at the age of 40 and above. In a cataract disease, people suffer from low and blurred vision. It is also a symptom that cataract is developing in your eye which lies between the iris and the pupil. Survey reveals that more than 20 million people are suffering from cataract disorder and lose their eye sights due to this.

Cataract can be classified into mainly three types:

  • Sub capsular Cataract: People who have no control over their blood sugar are generally affected by sub capsular cataract. It occurs in the back side of a lens.
  • Cortical Cataract: It occurs in the lens cortex that surrounds the central nucleus.
  • Nuclear Cataract: It is generally found in people aged 40 or above. It affects the nucleus of the lens.

If you feel any symptoms like low or blurred vision and cataract in your eye, you must make a visit to the best cataract eye surgeon in delhi ncr immediately. If you have a normal problem in your eye vision, a doctor will only recommend you to wear glasses, contact lenses, do eye exercise and take medicines. If your problem becomes severe and is not cured by medicines, then the doctor will recommend you to have a cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is the best solution for your cataract and helps you to overcome this disease.There are number of techniques used by doctors to prevent the cataract disorder. Robotic cataract surgery is a proven technique that helps to restore your vision and more than 10 million people have undergone this surgery. They have had successful outcomes from their cataract problem without any side effects.

Dr.NeerajSanduja is one of the best cataract eye surgeon in Delhi NCR having ample of experience and great skills in this field. You can visit his website for more details

Does Mesotherapy for Hair loss work?

Hair loss is a very common problem that affects people all over the world. Both genders suffer from hair loss and it can happen due to variety of reasons. It is important that you treat your hair loss as soon as you start realising the fact that you are losing excessive hair than normal. In early stages, it becomes easy to treat the problem. However, as time keeps on passing the treatment for hair loss becomes more difficult. When a person starts experiencing excessive hair loss, initially he may undergo thinning of hair but with time, pattern baldness or complete baldness occurs. Now, there is an advanced technique used by skilled dermatologist to treat your problem, known asHair Mesotherapy Treatment in Delhi.

Hair Mesotherapy is a very famous hair restoration procedure done all over the world in which a professional dermatologist will insert superficial microinjections on your head, just below the epidermis. This will stimulate the mesoderm and hence it will allow for hair growth, reduce hair fall and slow the pattern baldness. It is a very safe & effective procedure that is in great demand these days. This procedure allows for regulation of proteins and other nutrients in the patient’s scalp and help in growth of hair. When compared to other treatment methods for hair loss. Hair Mesotherapy Treatment in Delhi has proved to work much faster and give results in short span of time. That is why dermatologists as well as patients suffering from hair loss prefer to go for mesotherapy treatment.

Dr. Gaurav Garg has years of experience and skills to perform mesotherapy treatment on patients facing excessive hair loss or having pattern balding. You can trust him for the treatment he does and expect to get successful results.

Opting to Go for Best Hernia Surgery in Delhi is an Ideal Choice

Health is wealth and compromises made with it are like a fatal attack. Talking about Hernia, it happens to occur as organ impulses through an opening in the muscle or tissue responsible for holding them in place. Though, the occurrence of Hernia is quite common in the abdominal area; still, there is a possibility of its presence in upper thigh, belly button, and groin sections of the body. Generally, stating the problem associated with hernia is that it grows slowly and starts paining on reaching a particular level of puffiness. Get to have a contact with famous hernia surgeon in Delhi to ensure excellent treatment.

hernia surgery in delhi

It is extremely essential to know in relation to its treatment is that it can be cured with surgery only. There are no associated medications to get rid of it. Here is the point that calls for high-graded hospital offering best hernia surgery in Delhi. Some of the most common types of hernia are:

  • Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • Umbilical Hernia
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Inguinal Hernia
  • Incisional Hernia

The job of Dr. Amit Agarwal is to conduct varied medical tests before actually agreeing for the surgical process. Right from the nominal blood tests to urine tests, Barium X-ray and Endoscopy surgery, the surgeon will ask the patient get the reports. When it comes to the matter of conducting surgery, the doctor would make a small incision and mend the affected tissues. As a part of the treatment, incision is sewed by medical thread or even metal stitches. The thread ones are still dis solvable and do not require to be removed. On the other note, the metal ones are required to be pulled out as the wound gets healed up. It is because of this reason that a surgeon skilled at giving best hernia surgery in Delhi should be opted.