Understand and Treatment For Anal Fissures the Right Way

Anal fissure is a medical condition in which a small crack occurs in the skin around the opening of anal canal and causes severe pain, discomfort and bleeding during bowel movement. Anal fissures usually develop in young infants; however, other people can also become victims of this problem. A person suffering from anal fissures when tries to pass stool, he has to go through unbearable pain. The situation becomes more complicated when the person suffers from chronic constipation because in such cases he has to exert an extra pressure for passing stool. This activity intensifies the bleeding and therefore one can see blood stains on the toilet seat.

Anal fissures are the result of injury caused to the anal canal when a person suffers from chronic constipation, diarrhea or childbirth. Usually the size of anal fissure is around 1cm, which is actually a very small size but still the pain it can cause while passing faeces is excruciating. When you go to a specialist for Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi, he will first diagnose your problem by taking physical examination of the affected area and will also review your medical history. At time, he may perform digital rectal examination by using an instrument called anoscope. Then he will give you medicines to get relief from your problem. In case, your anal fissures don’t heal even after a period of 6 weeks then surgery is recommended to permanently eliminate them.

The most common surgical procedure that is performed by the experts for the Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi is Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy. In this surgery, the patient is given general anaesthesia. As it is not a complicated procedure, one can go home the same day of surgery. Dr. Amit Agarwal is a well-known surgeon having high success rate of performing Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi.


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