Cancer Can Be Fatal, Timely Diagnosis and Treatment Helps Save Lives

Cancer is a condition wherein irregular cells divide uncontrollably and kill down the body mass and tissues. There are more than 100 kinds of cancer known to man and each year, millions of people worldwide are diagnosed with this deadly disease. Lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukaemia are some of the most common types of which are also the leading cause of cancer deaths globally. Cancer, which can prove to be fatal if diagnosed at a very late stage, needs to be diagnosed and treated well in time.

How to stay away from cancer?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and a wholesome and nutritious diet is the best way to stay away from this dangerous disease. Many cancer-related risks can be surely prevented by staying away from smoking and alcohol, maintaining a proper weight of the body, eating loads of vitamin and iron-rich vegetables, nuts and cereals and getting immunization against several infectious diseases.

Which is the best hospital for treatment of cancer?

The best medical oncology treatment in Delhi is provided by PSRI Hospital. It has some very well-trained professional specialists along with an experienced team of oncologists and paramedics. Also, it is known to have some of the top-notch, advanced medical equipment and facilities. Since PSRI Hospital offers satisfactory treatment of cancer with personalized care to each patient, therefore, its treatment is considered to be the best medical oncology treatment in Delhi.

Which oncology services are available at PSRI Hospital?

PSRI Hospital offers many world-class oncology treatments, some of which include thoracic oncology, gynae-oncology (ovarian, endometrial, cervical, gestational, trophoblastic cancers),muscular and skeletal oncology (sarcoma of bones and joints), neuro-oncology,gastrointestinal oncology, head neck oncology, medical oncology for all adult patients, paediatric oncology (children with all types of cancers) and breast cancer and disease services.

What makes PSRI the number one hospital for medical oncology treatment in Delhi is the fact that it houses the most advanced equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. Moreover, it has a team of highly trained doctors, researchers and analysts serving together in order to develop new therapies and approaches for the benefit and efficient cure and care of the patients.


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