Bid Adieu To All Kidney Problems With Kidney Transplant!

The condition wherein the kidneys of a person stop functioning properly is known as kidney failure. Kidney failure requires replacing the non-functional kidneys with working ones. There are two treatments available in case of kidney failure and they are dialysis and kidney transplant. Considered by many to be better and more beneficial to the patient, kidney transplant involves placing a healthy kidney inside the patient’s body. The entire kidney transplant is a complex procedure and therefore, anyone required to undergo a transplant must see the best kidney transplant doctor.

Kidney transplant – the procedure

As opposed to what the name ‘kidney transplant’ may suggest, kidney transplant surgery does not include the removal of the patient’s failed kidneys. Unless there is a medical reason to remove them, they are left by the surgeon where they are. It is the easiest to connect the new kidneys to the important blood vessels and bladder in the lower abdominal region (i.e. the belly). In view of this, the donated kidney(s) is/are placed into the lower abdomen (belly) area. Also, by putting the new kidney in the abdomen, it becomes easier to take care of any problems that might come up. After undergoing a successful kidney transplant, the patient has fewer limits on what he/she can eat and drink. Also, it allows the patient to live the kind of life he was living before contracting the kidney disease.

Consult an experienced surgeon

Some of the most experienced kidney doctors in India are found in Delhi which makes imperative for anyone suffering from kidney disease and planning to undergo a kidney transplant surgery to consult a renowned kidney transplant doctor in delhi. Dr. Vikram Kalra is the most well-known and the most sought-after kidney transplant doctor in Delhi who is known for his vast experience in treating many kidney diseases and disorders.

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