Know About the Treatment of Eye Disease

In most cases for treating the eye diseases, the main focus is kept on the reduction of inflammation, improving insight and repairing the traumatic injuries. Sometimes, different eye issues such as style can heal itself in a few days. But, if anything is causing visual disturbances, it must require an immediate medical attention. For this, you can refer some good quality eye treatment in Delhi NCR.

As of now, eye treatment is subdivided into four categories:

  • Medication (Include medicines and different home treatments)
  • Surgery
  • Prescription glasses and contact lenses
  • Treating systematic conditions which affect the eye

Medication and Treatments

The series of medications which are used for treating the eye issues are plenty. Out of which some are as follow:

  • Artificial Tears
  • Antibiotics for treating bacterial infections
  • Over-the-counter eye drops for treating short-term eye strain
  • Prescription eye drops for treating different types of eye diseases


In eye surgery, the cornea is reshaped to its exact place. In this field, there have been advancements over the past few years. On the other hand, refractive surgery can be a useful option to treat farsightedness and nearsightedness. Here, you must always go for a quality eye treatment in delhi ncr which can place the cornea without much issue.

Treating conditions which cause different eye problems

If the patient is suffering from diabetes or has some form of arthritis, eyes must have been affected to some extents. For this, the conditions must be carefully examined as poor vision can result in different systematic diseases.

As we know, eyes are one of the most vital organs of our body and a slight disturbance to our eyes can make us go completely blackout. Hence, here, you can consult Viaan Eye Centre who have got a complete set of eye treatment in delhi ncr. Their fees are affordable and can treat any eye issue with ease and comfort.


Know About the Lamaze Method of Childbirth

Since the early ages, the Lamaze was developed by Ferdinand Lamaze who is a French obstetrician. On the basis of Lamaze International, the main goal of Lamaze Classes is to “Increase the confidence of women’s in their process of childbirth”. They teach different teaching strategies in which breathing is said to be the most essential one.

Now, if you are the person who lives in Gurgaon, you can go to Lamaze class clinic in Gurgaon without any issue. Further, the Lamaze method helps you to deal with the pain and increase the level of comfort.

According to the Lamaze philosophy, “birth is normal, healthy and natural” and the women have the right to give birth without any medical help. In addition, Lamaze also focuses on educating the women in which different techniques are taught on a timely basis.

What can you expect in the Lamaze class clinic in Gurgaon?

In one of the best Lamaze training classes, as a woman, you can get to learn different Lamaze techniques and can become a master over time. A typical Lamaze Class covers:

  • Normal Labor & Birth (using real childbirth videos) and the postpartum period
  • Focusing on breathing techniques for labor
  • Including other relaxation techniques and natural strategies to help in working with labor pain, massages, position changes, walking and hydrotherapy
  • Tips which can encourage your partner to support during labor
  • How to effectively communicate with your healthcare team to meet your needs
  • Complications which can occur during birth and labor
  • Early Infection with the Baby
  • Breastfeeding

As of now despite the advancements in technology, still, Lamaze is useful in childbirth method. For this, you can consult Dr. Rekha Thakur whois knowledgeable and is well-known for teaching the Lamaze Method and has one of the best Lamaze class clinic in Gurgaon.

Discover Different Things in Relation to Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is the modern age saviour for people who have gone bald and are looking for some kind of treatment. Having a good hair is beneficial for men as it builds up a sense of confidence and makes a man look attractive. But, finding the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi can be a tricky task. Still, after searching on the Internet, you can end up with the best one.

What happens in Hair Transplant Treatment?

Generally, hair transplant is a surgical process in which the hair follicles are removed from other body parts. These parts include legs, face and planting them on the hairless section. The same process is applicable for planting hair on lashes and brows.

In terms of the latest technique, they are all permanent and there is picking up

are manually taken out. Strip Harvesting is the most common technique which the doctors are using nowadays. of clusters of hair. The process is known as Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT) which has two ways of functioning. The first way is strip harvesting followed by follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In Strip Harvesting, different skin strips with good hair growth are planting on bald areas. Further, it is planted in the follicular unit extraction clusters of hair and the roots

On the other hand, FUE is applicable for single and several settings. It is a manual process and consumes much of the time. But, after the procedure, it gives a natural set of results and leaves no marks.

In any case, if you are looking for the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi, Dermalife can be the best option. They have a team of professionals who are expert in different hair transplant treatments. They use the latest technology which is pain-free and much affordable. Hence, in any case, you must go for the very best hair transplant doctor in Delhi as the process of hair transplant can pose serious issues if not done properly.

Safety of Eye Exercises

Eye exercises basically are vision techniques which help in correcting a series of eye conditions and eye problems including dry eye, poor eye depth perception, age-related vision conditions, presbyopia etc. However, many a time people question about the safety of these eye exercises. Many a times doctors ask the patients after an eye treatment in Delhi NCR to do some small eye exercises to make their eye muscles strong. Yet, many people are sceptic about the same.

The eye exercises are nothing but natural techniques used by people. They are very different from the various vision improvement methods which are offered by the eye care industry. They do not include any prescription drugs or medicines. Also, no surgical procedures are included in this. This natural method of eye care is completely natural, safe and free from any kinds of side-effects. Therefore, more and more doctors are now asking their patients to do some kinds of eye exercises along with their medicines in order to aid their eye treatments.

The eye exercises help in correcting the various vision conditions by addressing the root cause of the eye problems directly. These techniques can easily be used by people to improve numerous vision conditions and they also provide a variety of fringe benefits alongside which increase the health of the visual system. This makes them 100% safe and secure without any kinds of ill effects.It is crucial that you seek the best eye treatment in delhi ncr because there should be no scope for any negligence while dealing with one of the most sensitive organs of our body. If you regularly do some small eye exercises which are recommended by your doctor then the health of the eyes along with the visual system can improve drastically. They aid in the medicinal treatments and thus make the recovery faster in patients. Viaan Eye Centre offers one of the best eye treatment in delhi ncr. You can consult the doctors and ask for various exercises as well.

Advantages of Getting A Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Hair removal is undoubtedly one of the most tedious tasks for everyone. Various techniques are used by the people to remove the unwanted hair such as shaving, waxing and tweezing. However, all these conventional treatments are not useful in the long term and come with various problems such as bumps, ingrown hair and cuts. Therefore, to get rid of all these problems and to enjoy a more permanent or long-term option, people are now getting their laser hair removal treatment in Delhi.

The laser hair removal treatment is one of the fastest developing techniques to get rid of the undesirable body hair. It is viable, proficient and comfortable and therefore undertaken by many people. You can get this treatment performed anywhere on the body where you wish to get rid of the unwanted hair. The best part about laser hair removal treatment is that it offers permanent removal of the body hair.

There are various benefits of undergoing a laser hair removal treatment in Delhi

  • It is a quick procedure- Getting a laser hair removal treatment does not take much time. For example, if you are undergoing a laser hair removal treatment to remove the underarm hair or hair from the Bikini area (also called the Brazilian zone) it would barely take 20 to 25 minutes to complete the whole session.
  • Saves money in the long run- Once you get your laser hair removal treatment done then there is no need to buy the packs of razors, shaving creams, hair removal creams or book appointments monthly for waxing. Therefore, in the long run, the cost of laser hair removal would be nothing in comparison to all these costs.
  • Goodbye to ingrown hair- Waxing and shaving often leave ingrown hair. But, with laser hair removal you can get rid of the ingrown hair problems entirely.
  • No need to grow hair in between sessions- While you are on your laser hair removal treatment you do not need to grow hair on your skin, unlike waxing.

Dermalife offers safe, smooth and long-lasting laser hair removal treatment in Delhi. So, book your appointment now!

Know About Various Kidney Disorders and Whom to Look Forward to For Their Treatment

The kidneys are vital for maintaining the normal fluid and electrolyte balance in the human body. The paediatric study of the kidneys and kidney diseases, including their treatment, progression, development and prevention is known as Nephrology and is a specialty of internal medicine. A nephrologist is a physician who studies and deals with nephrology.

Diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes adversely affect the kidneys. A kidney specialist or a nephrologist tries to prevent and treats renal damage brought about by such systemic or whole-body diseases. A nephrologist deals with kidney disorders such as fluid and electrolyte disorders, kidney stones, acid-base disorders, chronic kidney diseases etc.

Many of us face kidney disorders nowadays, mostly because of the unhealthy lifestyle that almost all of us have adopted. Since Delhi is the national capital and therefore has a number of world-class treatment hospitals and services, most people suffering from kidney disorders look for the best kidney specialist in Delhi. Before looking for a good kidney specialist, one must know who can be considered a good nephrologist. One who is well aware of medications and diabetes management and related complications, epidemiology of diseases and infections, clinical pharmacology, high blood pressure management, and nutritional management for preventing and treating kidney diseases can be called a good nephrologist. He/she must be able to successfully treat polycystic kidney disease (PKD), chronic kidney disease (CKD), acute renal failure, high blood pressure and kidney stones, while also possessing superior clinical skills pertaining to all aspects of kidney transplantation and dialysis.

Now, as far as the best kidney specialist in delhi is concerned, Dr. Vikram Kalra is one of the finest kidney specialists there. Not just clinical nephrology but Dr. Kalra’s expertise extends to the field of Dialysis, Renal Transplantation and Intervention Nephrology and that makes him the best kidney specialist in Delhi.

Beautiful Eyelids Not Just A Dream Now

Eyelid Surgery in delhiQuite often many of us face a number of functional problems with our eyelids such as loose skin that disturbs the natural contour of the upper eyelid, impairing our vision. There also happen to be some people who are just not happy with the appearance of their eyelids and want to improve it. For both the kinds of people, an eyelid surgery can help rejuvenate the area surrounding the eyes.Delhi is famous for its world-class medical care facilities and therefore many people in India wish to get an eyelid surgery in Delhi.

Known in medical terms as blepharoplasty, the eyelid surgery isa surgical procedure performed to remove skin and to add or remove fat from the eyelids. It is performed either on the upper lids or the lower lids or even on both in order to improve the appearance of the eyelids.

In the upper blepharoplasty surgery, incisions are used to allow for removal of skin and fat and thereafter, a thin stitch is used to bring the skin together and allow for a creation of an eyelid crease.

On the other hand, in the lower eyelid surgery, either skin incisions directly below the lash line or an incision on the inside of the eyelid is involved. Such an approach is called a transconjunctival approach and it allows for access to the eyelid without visible incisions. This makes this technique ideal for those patients who need fat removed or added. Moreover, this approach may also be combined with laser resurfacing of the eyelid skin to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Of all the clinics that offer such a surgery, Dermalife is perhaps the best one with Dr. Gaurav Garg as the specialist who is known for successfully performing eyelid surgery in Delhi. If you too happen to be looking for the prospect of eyelid surgery in Delhi, it is highly recommended to visit Dermalife once.

Everything You Need to Know to Save Your Hair!

With increasing age, human beings have the tendency to lose hair. Losing hair not only makes them look different from what they used to look like but also results in lowering of their self-confidence. They feel shy about going out and so start avoiding socialising much. They tend to become more solitary and self-confined. To overcome such issues and to regain their lost self-confidence, people nowadays have started getting hair transplant surgeries done. One can get a hair transplant in Delhi and regain their lost mane. It is extremely effective with nearly 98% success rate.

In hair transplant process, hair follicles are removed from one donor site on the body of the patient and are placed on the balding site which is called the recipient site. The surgeon keeps things such as the colour of hair on the donor site, its density and quality in mind which choosing it. The patient has to shampoo with a surgical scrub a day prior to the surgery. On the day of the surgery, the patient has to make sure that the hair follicles on the donor area are of two to four mm in length. The area is given anesthesia and then saline so as to swell up the region.

The donor strips are divided and several procedures are done before actually transplanting it on the recipient region. The patient is free to go home on the same day of the surgery. Though the patients are supposed to be cautious and some precautions are advised by the surgeons. The success rate is huge.

However, it is highly recommended to get it done by a good surgeon only. Dermalife is one of the leading dermatology clinics for hair transplant in Delhi with experienced and reliable surgeons in their team. Here you can seek advice from specialists for hair transplant in Delhi and get all your doubts cleared before actually going for a transplant surgery.

Avail Affordable Kidney Transplant in India with Alleevia

A kidney transplant is a serious procedure that can take a long preparation time and an equally lengthy healing time. It is a procedure which depends a lot on the acceptance of the donor’s kidney by the receptor’s body. While it was a significant advancement in the medical field a long time ago, it is now a very feasible solution to kidney failures and related renal ailments. There have been a substantial number of successful kidney transplants which have given new hope to ailing kidney patients all over the world. India ranks second in the largest living kidney transplantation program, second only to the USA.  Hospitals across India also offer to perform the procedure at affordable costs to the average Indian. However, one needs to always choose the best hospital for kidney transplant to ensure a healthy and successful transplant.

While choosing a hospital, one needs to do a thorough background check. The statistics of the successful renal transplants that have taken place is a good place, to begin with. Testimonials from patients also provide information concerning the professionals and facilities that a hospital can provide. However, to find the best hospital for kidney transplant in India, one has to look thoroughly at the expertise and care that the healthcare personnel offer. There are a number of kidney transplant hospitals in India which offer good pre and post-surgical treatment at affordable cost. In the right hands, one can ensure safe and complete care related to all procedures and follow up treatments regarding a kidney transplant.

Patients around the world, who are looking for affordable and world-class treatment at best hospital for kidney transplant in India, must approach the Alleevia Healthcare. This globally reputed medical tourism firm helps facilitate overseas patients with topmost hospitals and competent surgeons in India.

Face Lift Surgery to Enhance Your Look!

With growing age comes sagging skin and wrinkles. It makes us look old and feel dull. No matter how hard we try, it is not possible for us to look young forever without doing anything. To retain that youthfulness, many people these days are now opting for rhytidectomy or face lifting surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery which makes the person look younger and graceful. It involves removing the excess facial skin and/or tightening the tissues and re-draping the skin around face and neck. This way all the effects of aging wrinkles and sagging skin are modified. An experienced surgeon can do the face lift surgery in Delhi.

There are certain points to be kept in mind before going ahead with a face lift surgery in Delhi. It is advisable to take time to find the right doctor. Look at that doctor’s previous work and if possible talk to some of his earlier patients. Ask the doctor for an expected result.

There are different types of face lifts-

  • Comprehensive face lift – It tightens not just the face completely but also the neck.
  • Mini face lift – It is only for the bottom third part of the face, also called the lower face.
  • Cheek lift or mid face lift – It is only around the cheekbones.

You should consult a skilled surgeon for guidance about Best face light surgery in South Delhi. The recovery takes some time due to swelling and pain. However, after 10 days you can return to your work. There is no right age for a face lift. It entirely depends on when does the aging process starts showing. For some, it begins in their late 40s while for others they might wait until early 60s.

Dermalife is a renowned skin care clinic that can help you get an attractive and younger looking skin with a suitable face lift surgical procedure.