Neurological Disorders Treated by Professionals at Yashoda Hospital

These days there is a lot of stress and tension everywhere that neurological problems have increased rapidly. It is important to first diagnose these problems and then get them treated on priority basis otherwise these issues increase with time and lead to serious consequences. Neurological problems basically comprise of disorders of nervous system that includes your brain, blood vessels, spinal cord, nerves as well as muscles. A medical specialist who deals with issues of nervous system via medicines or surgery is known as a neurologist.

It is important that you are aware of the fact the neurological problems differ in case of children and adults. So you must go only to the specialist for best treatment options. Brain stroke, multiple sclerosis, headache problems, parkinson’s disease, seizure, spinal cord disorders, speech problems etc. all come under the category of neurological disorders.

Yashoda Hospital is the best neurology hospital in delhi ncr where top treatment is provided to the patients suffering from various neurological problems that affect the brain, spine & overall nervous system. At Yashoda Hospital, a team of experienced and talented neurologists delivers top-notch clinical care at most affordable cost. When the patient first approaches the neurologist at Yashoda Hospital, his medical history is taken into account and then physical examination of the patient is conducted. Various things are checked like cognitive function, coordination problems, state of confusion, weakness in different muscles etc. and on its basis, best neurologist in Delhi NCR evaluates the actual condition of the patient. Depending on the type of neurological problem, your doctor will formulate the treatment plan and it will vary from patient to patient. Generally, medicines are advised for the patient along with changes in lifestyle. In some cases, surgery may also be recommended.

If anyone in your family is suffering from neurological disorders then without any fail, you must immediately contact the best neurology hospital in delhi ncr – Yashoda Hospital for best outcomes. Here. You can expect to get best medical expertise along with clinical care that matches international standards.

Best Stomach Cancer Treatment by Radiation Expert – Dr. Swarupa Mitra

In the past few decades, stomach cancer has increased worldwide and so are the deaths occurring due to this cancer. In stomach cancer, there is a tumor formed in the stomach when cells starts dividing abnormally. This cancer also known as gastric cancer mainly occurs in mucus producing cells that can be seen on the lining of the stomach. Usually the symptoms caused in stomach cancer are very common and that is the main reason of people thinking it to be normal stomach problems. Symptoms that appear in stomach cancer are:

  • Before meals, a person has the feeling of fullness
  • Bloating after meals
  • Problem in swallowing
  • Indigestion and heartburn that doesn’t go away
  • Continuous burps
  • Pain in stomach
  • Blood in vomiting etc.

All these symptoms are common and one usually takes them wrong, thinking to be less serious conditions of the stomach. But it is often recommended to visit the doctor for stomach cancer in case you experience such symptoms because early diagnosis of the disease can help the surgeon to treat it successfully. There are a number of treatment options for stomach cancer but stomach cancer doctor  will guide you the top treatment plan that will suit you the most. He will take into account your overall health and other preferences and then make a personalised plan for you.

Radiation therapy is recommended in stomach cancer when the symptoms are quite severe like bleeding in stomach or intense pain. Dr. Swarupa Mitra being the most talented and best doctor for stomach cancer in Delhi treats stomach cancer with utmost accuracy & precision. She uses radiation therapy to shrink the tumor in stomach so that it can be surgically removed. Radiations are also used to kill any cancer cells that are left after any other treatment procedure.

Want to Gain weight in healthy manner??? – Ask Dr. Neha Agarwal

These days you can find people who are so much obsessed with their weight that they can do anything to maintain a healthy body. It is very good thought because a healthy mind and a healthy body is the actual key to happiness. On the other hand, you also find people who are not concerned about their weight at all. They are obese and they hardly try to do anything to lose weight. Such people often suffer from a number of health issues. Hence, it is recommended to all that maintain a healthy weight so that you can enjoy your life to fullest.

As being overweight is a huge problem for some, similarly being under weight is also a big issue for many. There are quite a large number of people who are very skinny and they want to gain their weight but are unable to do so. Being too skinny can also be the reason for many diseases. Moreover, there are some who just want to gain some muscle weight. Whatever may be the reason for you to gain weight, it is important that you do it in a healthy manner. With the help of Weight Gain Dietitians, you can do it with very little efforts. You just have to listen to your dietitian and follow their instructions fully. By this way, you will not only be able to fulfil your dreams but you can also see an improvement in your looks as well as health.

There are many weight gain dietitians in delhi who are ready to offer their services to you, but it is important that you choose only the best one in order to get right solution for your problems. Don’t get duped by people who offer discounts and all because such people are not experienced ones and they may not be able to help you in achieving your targets. They may be there only to make money. You should definitely make an appointment with Dr. Neha Agarwal – Top Weight Gain Dietitian in Delhi and check her services. You would sure be delighted to get what you want in short span of time.

Keep your Bone & Joint Problems on Priority List

Any problem or injury that is caused to the bones and joints of a person is treated by an orthopaedic surgeon as he is the medical specialist with ample of experience in this field. Every year, a large number of people suffer from orthopaedic problems and they even get treated successfully by experts. This helps them to live a happy and active lifestyle which otherwise would not have been possible. We, as human beings have the tendency to put our physical problems aside and carry on with our other jobs. We learn to live with that pain and just take pain killers to get relief. Thinking that bone & joint pain is the regular part of ageing, we pay no importance to pain till the time it reaches extreme levels. This leads to severe conditions and at times makes the person completely immobile. One should always take his body seriously and immediate visit the orthopedic treatment hospital. This will help the patient to get the right diagnosis as well as treatment of his musculoskeletal problems.

Yashoda Hospital is one of the best orthopedic treatment hospital in delhi ncr where problems related to your bones, ligaments, joints, tendons as well as nerves are treated. The orthopaedic surgeon will treat your condition by either giving you medicines or he may even opt for surgical means depending upon how bad the condition is and what is the requirement of the hour.

These days joint replacement surgery is in high demand and many people are opting for it. It is a very safe procedure that has given maximum successful results. People are very happy to again live a quality life that is free from any pain. Consult with the orthopaedic surgeon at Yashoda Hospital for best solution for your problem related to bone & joints.

Don’t let Cancer win over you – Get regular health check-ups

Cancer of any type is a life threatening disease if not detected early. Similar is the case with abdominal cancer which includes cancer of body organs between the lower chest & groin like your stomach, liver, gall bladder, large intestine, small intestine, pancreas and numerous blood vessels. Abdominal cancer occurs when there is abnormal growth of old cells in the body. Instead of these cells being replaced by new cells, old cells continue to multiply resulting in formation of tumor. There are a number of cancers that come in the category of Abdominal cancer, for instance:

  • Renal cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Cancer of adrenal glands
  • Primary peritoneal cancer in which the inner lining of the abdomen is affected

Abdominal cancer is not restricted to one organ only but if not treated early then it has the capability to affect other organs also. It interferes with the normal functioning of these organs and thus creates problem for the person. In such cases, it is important that you refer to the abdominal cancer doctor so that he/she guide you the right treatment path in order to get best possible outcomes.

It is recommended that you should get regular medical check-ups done so that Best Abdominal Cancer Doctor can diagnose the disease at the earliest. With this, the possibility of completely eliminating cancer from the patient’s body also increases. You must get in touch with the best abdominal cancer doctor in delhi – Dr. Swarupa Mitra as she is the best person to help you out of your situation. Dr. Mitra is an extremely talented & dedicated radiation oncologist with maximum success rate. she tries to cure the disease permanently and also works hard to eliminate all signs of it. You can take an appointment to meet her personally and check out the details of abdominal cancer.

Change the way you see the world with your glittering eyes

Viaan Eye Centre in Gurgaon is known to provide best eye treatment in Delhi NCR under the guidance of extremely qualified and talented ophthalmologist – Dr. Neeraj Sanduja. He uses the ultra-modern equipment & technology to treat his patients suffering from a number of eye problems. He believes in offering only quality services to his patients while maximising their visual potential. He ensures that positive environment is maintained in his centre through core professionalism & proficient teamwork. The staff here goes out of their way to make the patients comfortable.

Dr. Neeraj Sanduja delivers quality eye treatment in delhi ncr for various eye problems that include cataract surgery, glaucoma, optilasik, floaters & flashes, contact lenses, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment and many more. He has set benchmark in this field and due to this, his patient satisfaction rate is maximum. He keeps himself updated with the new techniques coming up in the market and also reviews his services on regular basis. His main goal to eliminate eye problems with best possible care.

Many people are not aware of the fact that your eyes not only get affected by the primary disorders but they may also have the chance to lose vision due to other systemic diseases like diabetes, brain stroke, thyroid etc. Hence, if you are suffering from any such issues then don’t take your problem for granted as it may lead to your vision loss also which is permanent. You are free to consult Dr. Sanduja by taking prior appointment with him. This way you can have a hassle-free meeting with him and on the same time, you can get best advice for your eye problems.

Your heart deserves the Best – Give top care at Yashoda Hospital

A healthy heart is your gateway to a life full of fun and excitement. Your heart never takes a break and works regularly throughout your life. It is your power bank that gives you energy and keeps you on your feet no matter what circumstances may be. Hence, it becomes your duty to take proper care of it so that you don’t face any kind of trouble and have a healthy body, mind and soul.

In the past few years, you can see that there is an abrupt increase in the number of heart diseases and this has even led to the rise in death rates. The main problem lies in the ignorance of people regarding the warning signs of the disease. Actually it is not their fault also because the warning signs of heart problems like pain in the chest, heaviness, palpitations, tiredness, nausea, sweating or shoulder pain are similar to other common problems. Hence, when the person suffers from heart issues, he doesn’t realise it could lead to fatal condition as they believe that it is normal pain or problem. In such circumstances, heart specialists at best Cardiology Hospital in delhi ncr – Yashoda Hospital in Ghaziabad use the most advanced techniques to diagnose & treat your heart issues. They make the patient aware about all the warning signs and ensure that their health is not compromised at any cost.

Yashoda Hospital being the top Cardiology Hospital in Delhi ncr offers comprehensive care to their patients and do routine check-ups so that heart problems can be detected at early stages. Best cardiologists in Ghaziabad working in Yashoda Hospital treat from simple diseases to complex ones to rare ones. You can take prior appointment to meet the top cardiologists here and be assured that you will be in safe hands.

Adherence to Diabetic Foot Treatment – The Importance of Routine Care!

Diabetes isn’t just the hindrance of insulin uptake in the body, it comes in association with circulation problems, nerve damage and infections that may pave the way for some chronic foot problems. The complications include fungal and bacterial infections as well as foot ulcers that may lead to amputations if left untreated. This is when performing diabetic foot care and maintaining strict glycemic control becomes necessary for patients suffering from diabetes.

Recommendations for Daily Diabetic Footcare

With the right preventive strategies that include adhering to physician recommendations and performing routine skin inspections, diabetic foot care can be implemented. Here are some tips that can be helpful. Have a look at some of them-

  • Inspect your feet daily including the area between the toes, tops, heels, and sides.
  • While inspecting it is important to look for cracks, cuts, blisters, splinters, and calluses on the feet.
  • Without seeking the help of primary health care professionals don’t attempt to remove the calluses or corns.
  • Never apply a heating pad or hot water bottle to the feet and do not use antiseptic solutions as well because these may burn or injure your skin.
  • To ensure glycemic control make sure to monitor your blood glucose levels and be compliant with the prescribed medicine.
  • Take care of your circulation to the lower limbs and avoid standing in a certain position for persistent periods.

Get in touch with a trustworthy clinic for comprehensive diabetic foot treatment and opt for a routine inspection. If you spot any wounds that show no signs of healing then you can always go for diabetic foot treatment at the hands of an experienced doctor that can help to dissipate the number of red flags for foot amputation.

What to Choose?

If you have recognized any skin-related complications in your feet and you are diabetic then it is high time that you go for the best diabetic foot treatment in Punjab at Diabetic Foot Care India. Along with increased awareness for patient education, Diabetic Foot Care India aims at reducing and preventing dermatological issues. So, contact the doctor before it is too late and you will never regret a single penny that you had ever spent.

Conquer The Monster Called Obesity!

Obesity in a person can be defined and calculated by using the body mass index (BMI). People whose BMI lies between 30-35 are said to have Class 1 obesity. Class 2 obesity is when the BMI is between 35-40 and class 3 is between 40-45. It is very hard to overcome Class 2 and Class 3 obesity with only a strict diet and exercise. Thus, bariatric surgery is performed on them.

An important aspect of the weight loss surgery is balanced and controlled diet along with required lifestyle modifications before the surgery. And this is where the bariatric dietitians come into the picture.

Bariatric Surgery: The Surgical way out

Bariatric surgery is generally only available to those people who have a BMI above 40. Bariatric surgery bases weight loss by restricting the quantity of food that the stomach can hold, which causes malabsorption of nutrients consumed.

 Role of a Bariatric Dietitian

A bariatric dietitian works in correlation with the bariatric surgeon.Bariatric dietitian counsels and works the patients to prepare them for their weight loss surgery by altering the patient’s diet and guiding them to lead a healthy lifestyle. They even play a vital role post the surgery as well. Precise and careful patient monitoring along with regular post-operative follow-ups can help in delivering effective and lucrative results.

Best Bariatric Dietitian in Delhi

It is of utmost importance to connect with an acclaimed and well qualified bariatric dietician to find out exactly how to eat in a healthy way to sustain weight.

Dr Neha Agarwal is one of the most qualified bariatric dieticians who is known for her pre-operative and post-operative nutrition assessments and various medical nutrition therapies. Therefore, we advise you to consult the best bariatric dietician in Delhi Dr. Neha Agarwal for the best bariatric advice and results for the most reasonable prices.

Radiation Therapy As A Permanent Cure For Oncogenic Disorders!

At some time during their course of treatment or the other more than half of the cancer patients are treated with radiation therapy that uses high energy radiation to treat cancer. Cancer cells are more vulnerable to radiations because they divide faster than the normal body cells and they don’t repair the damage caused to them as effectively as the normal cells.

Radiation therapy as the dread of cancer cells

Radiation therapy works because the radiation can be used to destroy the ability of cancer cells to reproduce and the best part is that the body naturally gets rid of these cells. But it is also necessary that you opt for the therapy at the earliest possible stage this is why you need to get in touch with the radiation oncologist as soon as you get diagnosed with cancer.

Who is a radiation Oncologist?

A radiation oncologist is a doctor having specialization in treating patients with cancers using radiotherapy. They are overall responsible for determining and setting an ample amount of radiation that may be the electron beams or gamma rays or the high energy X-rays in order to eradicate the cancerous cells while confining their growth and destroying them. Radiation can be given alone as a curative modality or can also be used along with surgery or chemotherapy to relieve symptoms and reduce the pain of the incurable cancers.

Where to seek the treatment?

If you have made up your mind to get the best radiation oncologist in delhi then there is no better alternative than going for Dr Swrupa Mitra. With state-of-the-art equipment, sufficed with friendly and co-operative staff; oncology has seen revolutions here. Ranging from the radiation oncologists and therapists to the oncology nurses and radiation physicists, she works with a team of expert professionals to get a permanent cure of cancer at RGCIRC, New Delhi.