Finding A Cure for Diabetic Feet- Causes and Consequences

Diabetes is nothing less than a curse for a person who has a sweet tooth. It is one of those life-threatening diseases that paves the way for a multitude of other hassles like a diabetic foot that can cause numerous foot problems. But you can always prevent all this if you follow a good foot care regimen and get in touch with an expert diabetic foot doctor.

How can diabetes affect your feet?

Diabetes can cause two major problems that can affect your foot/feet. The first one is diabetic neuropathy that happens when uncontrolled diabetes damages your nerves. The other issue is the peripheral vascular disease that is a clear-cut result of improper circulation and limited blood flow. The former can cause your foot to not align properly whereas the later can cause ulcers and devastate 5the healing process of your foot.

You can always prevent these problems but for that, you do need to exercise regularly, monitor your blood sugar levels on a daily basis, eat a balanced diet and go for routine visits to a skilled diabetic foot doctor in Jalandhar. Practice hygienic foot-habits and incline towards healthy food habits if you don’t want the foot problems to get aggravated later.

Where to seek the best treatment?

Thinking that it’s high time to find the best diabetic foot doctor in Jalandhar? Then Diabetic Footcare India has always got you covered. Diabetic Footcare India has a team of experienced doctors that can prevent the need for surgical rectification if approached in time. By beginning care for a diabetic foot ulcer and proper guidance, we prevent future hassles like amputation or acute pain. Comprising of skilled physicians and doctors who have keen expertise in the field we are well-equipped with every facility that a patient would want.


What ails Delhi? Causes, Consequences and Treatment Options

Arguably and even through the surveys it has been proved that the capital of India has become a city that is beleaguered by infections. Especially during the season change you can find people suffering from infections and diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Typhoid, breathing disorders, swine flu and much more that affects the life of people living there to a great extent.

Increasing concern for health in Delhi

Why just diseases and infections, adultery and toxic chemicals are also responsible for the diseases and symptoms to a great extent. Toxic greens are being sold and even medicines are being adulterated. This calls out loud the need for a health care facility that provides legitimate and exquisite treatment in a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Well the hospital just a step away but for that, you first need to incline towards the healthier side of living and try preventing the pollution and hazardous of Delhi a far as you can.

What are the most widespread diseases in Delhi?

Owing to the pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, adultery of food and other eatables and lack of health care facilities, Delhi suffers from a multitude of diseases like Lung disease, Swine flu, tuberculosis, obesity, malnutrition, breast cancer, tumours, influenza and much more. Most children are affected. You can always see a bunch of worried parents howling here and there now and then to get their children some medicine and basic treatment amenities. Finding a reliable hospital and medical treatment offered by multi-speciality hospitals is nothing more than the task of Goliath for Delhites!

The bottom line

Every second count and especially when it becomes the question of life and death, rational thinking and comparative analysis to find the best hospital in Delhi NCR stands to be crucial. If you have made up your mind to find the best hospital in delhi ncr then Yashoda Hospital; a multi-speciality hospital can always be the ideal solution for you. The health care facilities are inexpensive and the facilities along with the equipment are a boon for anyone who wants to recover from a certain disorder in comparatively lesser time.

Issues With The Reproductive System In Females Ought To Be Dealt With Sensitively

Since the human reproductive system is responsible for carrying further the human race, especially the female reproductive system which conceives and bears the progeny, therefore, it is very important to take proper care of the reproductive system. The branch of medicine that deals with the issues related to the condition of the reproductive region in females is known as Gynaecology. It involves working with women to conduct and perform tests meant to monitor different hormone levels in the female body so that a healthy gestation and risk-free parturition can be ensured.

Today’s woman is faced with a number of health concerns such as the fear of diabetes, breast cancer, and cervical metastasis etc. This makes it imperative for any woman to consult a gynaecologist regarding the actions she could take to decrease the chances of such major health problems. Such a consultation can include the gynaecologist explaining to the woman about normal bodily functions and clarifying her health-related doubts, the only thing to be kept in mind being that one of the best gynaecologists is consulted.

Gynaecology issues call for the attention of an expert gynaecologist

The chances of contracting an ailment increase with the passage of time amongst women. Therefore, in order to ensure good health, a woman must visit a reputed gynaecologist on a regular basis. It is generally advised to see one of the best gynaecologist in ghaziabad. Yashoda Hospital, renowned as one of the best hospitals in the National Capital Region, is home to some of the best gynaecologists in Delhi NCR. The hospital prides in regularly updating itself with latest and the most advanced technologies in the field of gynaecology. This enables easy diagnosis of diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, and infertility.

Kidney Disorders Treated By A Nephrologist

Nephrology is a branch of medicine that concentrates on the treatment of ailments and conditions that affect smooth functioning of the kidneys. And, a nephrologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and effective treatment of kidney ailments.

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs located below your ribcage on on both sides of your spine. They perform several crucial functions, including: –

  • Excretion of waste and toxins from your body
  • Maintaining overall fluid balance
  • Production of hormones that produce red blood cells, controls blood pressure and promotes bone health.

Conditions treated by Nephrologists

The symptoms of kidney disease are often generic and non-specific and can be mistaken for any common illness. Hence, it is vital to distinguish and categorize associated risk factors and to see the nephrologist in case you experience any symptoms indicating kidney disorder.

Nephrologist  specialises in diagnosis and treatment of kidney ailments including: –

  • Kidney infection or pyelonephritis – an infection caused by bacterial infection
  • Diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease – one of the leading causes of kidney failure
  • Lupus nephritis – an inflammation of the kidney caused by a disease of the immune system.
  • Electrolyte disorders – a disorder that results in an imbalance of minerals in the body, which potentially damages vital body systems, such as the brain and the muscles.
  • Kidney failure or renal failure – a condition in which the kidneys fail to effectually filter waste and toxins from the blood.
  • Polycystic kidney disorder – a genetic disorder in which bunches of cysts develop primarily within the kidneys
  • Kidney disease related to chronic high blood pressure and heart disease or the cardiorenal syndrome.
  • Kidney stones that cause pain and discomfort
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Autoimmune diseases like IgA nephropathy
  • Swelling in kidneys because of glomerulonephritis
  • Amyloidosis – a condition in which proteins collect abnormally in different body parts
  • Kidney cancer

Treatment for different kidney diseases/ailments vary widely depending upon particular condition you have and other associated risk factors.

Finding the best nephrologist

Dr Vikram Kalra is one of the top and possibly the best nephrologist in Delhi with clinical expertise in the field of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation.

Battle Cancer With Radiation Treatment!

Cancer is taking millions of lives every day. Even the healthiest person in the world is prone to the risk of cancer. The most common types of cancer occur in the prostate, stomach, breasts, lung, colon, skin etc. Identifying and understanding alarming signs and seeking timely medical help can be really beneficial. The best treatment for cancer is radiation. Benefiting the services of the radiation treatment can help in saving the life of the cancer patient.

Prevention always doesn’t mean cancer won’t happen.

The best way to combat a disease is to stay away from anything things that cause it. Though certain factors like inherited genetic mutation are not in your hands, adopting certain comparatively simple precautionary measures and lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk. Smoking and drinking alcohols increase the possibility of cancer in your body. Eating a healthy diet and doing physical activities keeps it at bay. However, it is not guaranteed that cancer cells will not develop in the body of a healthy person.

Awareness about symptoms of cancer is essential for every person. Early detection of cancer can drastically increase the chances of effective and successful treatment. Every person is at risk of developing a cancerous tumour, but in most cases, it develops unexpectedly. However, if you have a family history of cancer your chances of developing the disease is higher in comparison to others.

Seek the best radiation treatment in Delhi NCR

In the unfortunate circumstances where you are diagnosed with cancer and are looking for the best radiation treatment in Delhi NCR, consider consulting Dr, Swarupa Mitra. She is currently serving at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre and has successfully removed cancerous tumours of numerous patients. Her vast experience and clinical expertise make her the most suitable doctor for availing the best radiation treatment in Delhi NCR.

A Healthy Diet Is The Key To A Healthy Living!

best dietitian in delhiWe hear the word diet in our everyday life. It is wrongly also believed that diet is only for people who want to lose weight. Healthy living is equal to eating in moderation. The word moderation means to be in small amounts. One of the keys to living a healthy life is eating in moderation. In other words, following a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating the food that is best for you and consuming it in fewer quantities is the key principle to be fit. The decision as to what food should suit you the best should always be taken by a dietitian. Therefore, we suggest you to go to the best dietitian.

Improve your diet, change your life

A diet best suited to you will help you reach your ideal body weight. Ideal weight could vary from person to person. While some of you will be overweight others might be underweight. You are therefore advised to get in touch with the best dietitian. The dietitian will help you lay out the best diet plan according to your bodily needs. Strictly following the diet that is specially curated for you will help you get to your desired weight in a much easier and less taxing way.

Consult Dr Neha for best diets for yourself.

As mentioned, consulting the best dietitian in Delhi will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and fitter body. Dr. Neha Agarwal has proven to be the best in this field. She will first debrief you to gauge your body type, get to know your lifestyle and eating habits. After this, she curates a diet plan according to your lifestyle and the inputs you have shared. She is probably one of the best dietitian in Delhi who with her expertise tries to guide and help people towards healthy eating and active lifestyle.

Accurate Diagnosis Is The Pre-Requisite To A Successful Treatment!

It is an obvious fact that a doctor or a surgeon first needs to correctly identify disease in order to be able to successfully treat it later. It means that diagnostics is the first step in the entire course of any treatment procedure. An accurate and meticulous medical diagnosis is the key to better healthcare. A diagnostic test is the most elementary step towards ascertaining the disease a patient is suffering from, and the extent of the disease. In a broad sense, there are two types of diagnostic tests: –

  1. Radiology – Radiology tests include tests such as a CT scan, an X-Ray, echocardiography, mammography, ultrasound etc.
  2. Pathology – Tests such as histopathology, biochemistry, cytology, microbiology, immunology, hematology etc. all fall under the category of pathological tests.

Diagnostic report – a crucial document

A diagnostic report contains thorough and comprehensive information regarding the disease the patient may be suffering from. Even the minutest of details regarding the disease is revealed in the diagnostic tests, which makes it imperative for every patient to get any kind of diagnostic test done at a trusted and reputed clinic. For anyone living in India, it is advisable to visit one of the best diagnostic centres in Gurgaon as Gurgaon is famous for its medical institutions including world-class hospitals and modern diagnostic centres.

Visit a renowned diagnostic centre

When you are looking for the best diagnostic centres in gurgaon, make sure to find out whether the centre is well equipped with the latest technology or not. In addition, it is also necessary that the centre should have supportive and co-operative staff. Wellstar Clinic is one of the best diagnostic centres in Gurgaon which offers unparalleled diagnostic services and is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and has an excellent track record of providing the best facilities matching global standards.

Important Things You Need to Know About Treatment For Gall Bladder Stones

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ found in the upper right region of the abdomen under the liver. Its function is to store and dispense bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver to digest fat.

What are gallstones?

Sometimes gallstones (hard stone like deposits) form in the gall bladder or the bile duct. You might not even know that you have them until they cause blockage in the gallbladder and hinders in its smooth functioning. They may cause acute pain and discomfort. In such a case one must consult a specialist for gall bladder stone treatment.

Types of gallstones

There are basically 2 types of gall bladder stones:

  • Cholesterol gallstones – are the most common and are formed when there is an excess of cholesterol.
  • Pigment gallstone – are usually small and darker in colour and are formed when there is an excess of bilirubin.

Symptoms of gall bladder stone

The symptoms of gall bladder stones include:

  • Acute and persistent pain in the abdomen and upper back
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever, pain, sweating and shaking chills
  • Digestive issues like indigestion, gas and bloating
  • Changes in urine and bowel movement
  • Jaundice

When to see a doctor?

Anyone with the above-mentioned symptoms should seek gall bladder stone treatment as these symptoms point towards serious infection that requires immediate attention.

What is the treatment?

Treatment usually depends on the size and location of the stone. Depending upon the symptoms the course of treatment is decided, which may either include medication or surgery to remove the gallbladder. Gallstones that do not have any symptoms, usually do not require any medical treatment.

If you have constant pain in your abdomen because of stones in your gallbladder you should contact a doctor without delay to reduce the risk of future complications. Dr. Amit Agarwal is the gallstone specialist and can suggest you the best gall bladder stone treatment in delhi.

Bid Adieu To All Kidney Problems With Kidney Transplant!

The condition wherein the kidneys of a person stop functioning properly is known as kidney failure. Kidney failure requires replacing the non-functional kidneys with working ones. There are two treatments available in case of kidney failure and they are dialysis and kidney transplant. Considered by many to be better and more beneficial to the patient, kidney transplant involves placing a healthy kidney inside the patient’s body. The entire kidney transplant is a complex procedure and therefore, anyone required to undergo a transplant must see the best kidney transplant doctor.

Kidney transplant – the procedure

As opposed to what the name ‘kidney transplant’ may suggest, kidney transplant surgery does not include the removal of the patient’s failed kidneys. Unless there is a medical reason to remove them, they are left by the surgeon where they are. It is the easiest to connect the new kidneys to the important blood vessels and bladder in the lower abdominal region (i.e. the belly). In view of this, the donated kidney(s) is/are placed into the lower abdomen (belly) area. Also, by putting the new kidney in the abdomen, it becomes easier to take care of any problems that might come up. After undergoing a successful kidney transplant, the patient has fewer limits on what he/she can eat and drink. Also, it allows the patient to live the kind of life he was living before contracting the kidney disease.

Consult an experienced surgeon

Some of the most experienced kidney doctors in India are found in Delhi which makes imperative for anyone suffering from kidney disease and planning to undergo a kidney transplant surgery to consult a renowned kidney transplant doctor in delhi. Dr. Vikram Kalra is the most well-known and the most sought-after kidney transplant doctor in Delhi who is known for his vast experience in treating many kidney diseases and disorders.

Head And Neck Cancer Affect Mouth And Speech, Important To Get The Best Treatment

The ears, nose and throat (ENT) are the most common areas affected by head and neck cancer. Mainly, head and neck cancers develop in the oral cavity i.e. mouth, the nasal cavity i.e. the passage behind the nose, the paranasal sinuses i.e. spaces around the nose, the salivary glands, the pharynx i.e. the throat, and in the larynx i.e. the voice box. As with any other form of cancer, there are a number of treatment options available such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, plastic surgery and speech therapy after the surgical removal of head and neck tumours, and restoration of swallowing, eating and speaking functions. It is imperative that you consult a good head and neck oncologist for successful treatment.


The alarming symptoms of head and neck cancer include: –

  1. A red or white patch inside the mouth that persists for a long time
  2. An ulcer inside the mouth that either bleeds when touched or does not heal
  3. A persistent sore throat that does not respond to treatment
  4. Frequent bleeding from the nose
  5. Nasal congestion, or chronic sinus infections that do not respond to treatment
  6. A swelling or lump in the neck
  7. Inability to completely open the mouth
  8. Persistent hoarseness or slurring of speech
  9. Difficulty in chewing and swallowing
  10. Persistent pain in the neck, throat, or ears
  11. Dentures that no longer fit
  12. Blood in the sputum
  13. Numbness in the tongue or other areas
  14. Loosening of teeth


  1. Alcohol consumption
  2. Tobacco chewing
  3. Cigar smoking
  4. Exposure to textile fibres
  5. Poor dental and oral hygiene

The best treatment can ensure a complete recovery

Head and neck cancer can painful and in some cases fatal. Upon diagnosis, the patient must be taken to the best head and neck oncologist in Delhi. Though many head and neck cancer specialists are available in and around Delhi, Dr. Swrupa Mitra is the finest head and neck oncologist in Delhi known for the vast experience she possesses in treating patients with head and neck cancer.