Anal fistula : treatment and care

Anal Fistula is an infected tunnel that develops between the skin and the anus. There are many causes that can lead to Anal Fistula. Clogged anal glands, anal abscesses, radiation treatment, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease are some of the causes that might lead to anal fistula.

It is important to treat and prevent fistula before it causes any severe infection. There are many good doctors for treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi. One prominent name among them is of Dr Amit Agarwal, a general and laparoscopic surgeon currently serving as a senior consultant in B.L. Kapur Super specialty Hospital, Delhi.

The symptoms for anal fistula include frequent anal abscesses, pain and swelling around the anus, irritation around the anus, smelly discharge around the anus, blood or pus when passing stool, swelling and redness around the anus and difficulty in controlling bowel movement.

Treatment for anal fistula in delhi depends on the condition of the fistula. However, fistulotomy or set on procedure are some common treatments used for the same. With the guidance of an experienced doctor like Dr Amit Agarwal treating anal fistula will be much better than you expect.

Anal Fistula is a rare medical condition that is mostly the result of an infection in anal gland. If not treated, anal fistula is likely to cause a lot of discomfort and may even lead to serious complications.

Fistula tracks are unlikely to heal on their own and thus require medical attention. If left untreated for long, these fistulas might enhance the chances of cancer in your body. So, it is advisable to get in touch with the best medical practitioner to treat anal fistula. Dr. Amit Agarwal is an accomplished surgeon who can help you get rid of the disease completely.

Everything you need to know about Anal Fistula

What do you mean by Anal Fistula?

Anus is the small opening in the human body through which solid waste is removed. Anus usually consists of a number of glands and in case any one of these glands are blocked, means, an abscess is formed. Some of these anal abscesses drain unexpectedly and a few need surgical approach. About half of these abscesses may develop into a fistula, which is actually an infected tunnel between anus & skin around anus.

Causes for Anal Fistula

There are many reasons for the occurrence of Anal Fistula that include:

• Accumulation of anal abscess
• Crohn’s disease
• Sexually transmitted disease
• Trauma
• TB
• Cancer

How can you diagnose Anal Fistula?

When you go to your physician, he will first examine the area around your anus and check for Anal Fistula. In case, he doesn’t find anything on the outer area then he may ask you to get few tests done like anoscopy, ultrasound or MRI to check for Anal Fistula on the interior.

What treatment procedure is followed for Anal Fistula?

People who have Anal Fistula can get relief from the symptoms by surgery. Treatment for Anal Fistula becomes necessary when you experience a lot of pain while passing stool. This is a very safe and effective method. An experienced surgeon for Anal Fistula will provide you comprehensive and individualised care during the treatment.

Whom should you refer to for Treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi?

Dr. Amit Agarwal is an experienced surgeon who performs Treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi with great care and accuracy. He uses advanced techniques and high-tech equipments to completely eradicate anal fistula and ensures that healthy tissues are preserved while the procedure is going on. He follows a multidisciplinary approach to treat his patients.