Know About The Pelvic Floor Exercise In Antenatal Class!

A lot of women who are on the family way are aware of the importance of having stronger core muscles. Antenatal classes make it easier for the first-time mothers-to-be to understand how important it is to have Kegel exercises and pelvic floor exercises in your classes. For that matter, you must find some of the good classes that focus on diverse sessions and help you have a stronger core. Antenatal class has become quite popular in light of the rising importance of maintaining stronger core muscles and having smoother labour. Here, we will focus on pelvic floor exercises.

Understanding pelvic floor

The muscles just beneath your bladder, running from spine base to pubic bone is called pelvic floor. The primary role of these muscles is to help you get organ support, while also improvising your bowel and bladder control. It is these muscles that help in preventing any leakage. When your bladder contracts to pass urine, these muscles tend to contract.

Importance of pelvic floor muscles in pregnant women

During pregnancy, these muscles can weaken. This happens because of the baby weight and hormone known as relaxin. This hormone makes pelvic structure’s connective tissue soft so as to prepare for childbirth. During labour and childbirth, the vaginal delivery tends to have a further weakening and stretching effect on supporting structures of the pelvic region.

Can you protect these muscles?

Yes, you can! The best way to protect your pelvic floor is by joining the antenatal class in Gurgaon and getting started with the exercises.  Two kinds of tests can help you know that what you are focusing upon is actually your pelvic floor. These are called-

  • Stop test
  • Squeeze test

If you wish to learn more about the pelvic floor or have any related query, you can contact Dr. Rekha Thakur for an antenatal class in gurgaon.