Why is Arthroscopic ligament surgery done?

Anterior cruciate ligament is a tough group of tissues that connects the thigh bone with the shin bone at the knee joint. Its injury is very common and can occur during various sports activities like skiing, tennis, football etc. The ACL can tear due to variety of reasons like lower leg extends in forward direction beyond a point or knee/lower leg may get twisted.This knee injury if happens can be treated with a surgical procedure only that comprises of reconstructive surgery. Arthroscopic ligament surgery in Delhi is commonly done these days where a tendon is taken from any point in the body and it is replaced with a torn ACL.


When you approach an orthopaedic surgeon with your problem, he will first diagnose it properly and then take decision whether to perform Arthroscopic ligament surgery or not. If required, he will perform this surgery. In this procedure, few small incisions are made on the knee. Then through these incisions, small surgical instruments are inserted and the problem is treated.

Dr.Shuvendu Prosad Roy is a leading orthopaedic surgeon having years of experience and skills in Arthroscopic ligament surgery in Delhi. He offers comprehensive care and passionate services to all his patients who come to him with different orthopaedic problems. He handles all cases whether simple or complex with ease and ensures that his patients can get relief from their problems as soon as possible. Generally, Arthroscopic ligament surgery is done on outpatient basis, which means, that a patient can go home the same day surgery is performed and he doesn’t need to stay overnight at the hospital. The cuts that are made during the surgery also heal in short span of time. You must visit Dr. Roy for problems related to your bones and joints. He will give you right advice that is best suited to your condition.