Arthroscopic Surgery for Joint Pain Relief

In order to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint, the surgical procedure adopted by an orthopaedic surgeon is known as Arthroscopy. Problems in joints are common nowadays and if you are also suffering from the same and you may need to see the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi.

Some of the most frequent conditions found during arthroscopic examinations of joints include inflammation and acute or chronic injury in either the hip or shoulder or knee or wrist. Some problems related to arthritis also can be cured.

While going through an arthroscopic analysis, a small incision is made in the patient’s skin and a pencil-sized piece of equipment containing a small lens along with a lighting system (for enlarging and illuminating the structures inside the joint) is put in into the incision. Light is transmitted through fiber optics to the end of the arthroscope which is inserted into the joint. A miniature television camera attached to the arthroscope enables the surgeon to see the interior of the joint (which includes cartilage, ligaments and under the kneecap) by displaying the image of the joint on a television screen. The surgeon, thus, determines the amount or type of injury and then repairs or corrects the problem, as is deemed necessary.

Complications after arthroscopy are pretty uncommon. However, one may face infection, blood clots of a vein (known as phlebitis), swelling, bleeding or damage to blood vessels or nerves. The odds of occurrence of such complications are minimal for all arthroscopic procedures.

After the arthroscopic surgery, the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi will cover all the small incisions with a dressing and before being discharged, instructions regarding care of the incisions, activities to avoid and exercises to be done to aid speedy recovery will be given to you.

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