Arthroscopy – New and advanced technique for your joint problems

Some decades back one could not even imagine that medical procedures like arthroscopy could ever exist. Thanks to the new advancements happening every other day in science that has enabled mankind to live a better quality of life and treat their problems in much better way while using latest techniques. Arthroscopy is a procedure using which the health care providers can see, diagnose and treat the problems in your joints. Your Arthroscopy Surgeon may recommend you to undergo arthroscopy in case of following reasons:

  • Inflammation of joint
  • Injury caused to joint
  • Joint that is damaged over a period of time

Your doctor may perform arthroscopy on any one of the joints that require it like your knee joint, hip, shoulder, ankle or wrist etc. In this procedure, an instrument known as arthroscope that is attached to a camera and light source is inserted in the tiny incisions made in the targeted area. With its help,Arthroscopy Surgeon can have proper look at the joint from inside and check the root cause of the problem. If possible, he may even treat it at the same time. This procedure is in huge demand these days as there is very less bleeding, pain and discomfort in it. Moreover, it requires less time for the patient to recover as compared to open surgery.

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