Treat your Bawaseer with Laser at minimal discomfort and low cost

Are you one of them for whom the first morning trip to your washroom is a big ordeal? Do you feel severe pain and discomfort while passing stool? Have you noticed some kind of bleeding or pus discharge from your anal region while attending the nature’s call? If yes, then you may be suffering from bawaseer (piles). You don’t need to get embarrassed about it because there are many people in this list who face the same problem as you. There are many people who just shy away from this problem and don’t discuss about their ordeals with their doctors. They keep on suffering from their problems and even learn to live with them. Well, what’s the use of this? It is always better to talk to your health care provider about your problem of piles so that he can find a suitable solution for you.

There are medicines available in market for bawaseer but they only give the patient temporarily relief and one tends to face this problem again after sometime. Therefore, it is important that you go for permanent solution of piles .

Top Laser treatment for Bawaseer in North India done at Karan Hospital is least invasive procedure where no tissues are cut and the laser beam is then focussed on the targeted area. This will help you get rid of bawaseer. In laser procedure, there is virtually no bleeding, no pain and very little discomfort. One may get back to his normal life quite soon.Laser treatment for Bawaseer is an outpatient process and the patient can go back home the same day. There is no dressing required. Patient can have regular diet after almost 4 hours of surgery. You don’t need to visit the doctor again and again as one gets relief soon from piles. You can meet the specialists at “Karan hospital” and discuss any concerns if you have regarding Laser treatment for Bawaseer in North India.