Dialysis – An Effective Option in Case of Kidney Failure

Primarily, the responsibility of the kidneys is to filter waste products from the blood. Apart from that, they also regulate the body’s fluid balance by adjusting the amount of urine that is excreted on a daily basis. Dialysis is the name given to the substitute that is adopted for performing many of the normal functions of the kidneys when someone’s kidneys stop functioning in a normal manner.

Dialysis is a complex procedure. For patients who have had a renal failure (i.e. kidney failure), dialysis provides the opportunity to live a productive life.It is, therefore, recommended to patients suffering from kidney failure that they must only opt for the best dialysis center.

Types of dialysis and the difference between them

There are two main types of dialysis, one is known as Hemodialysis and the other peritoneal dialysis. In Hemodialysis, a machine and a filter are used to remove waste products and water from the blood, whereas,in peritoneal dialysis, the waste products and fluid from the body of the patient are removed by placing a fluid known as dialysate into the patient’s abdominal cavity.

Where to get dialysis done?

Any dialysis center where quality healthcare professionals are available round the clock to look after the patients,one that is equipped with latest and hi-tech instruments and one that has well-qualified nurses and other support staff should be considered. A number of hospitals nowadays offer dialysis treatment which makes finding the best dialysis center in India a daunting task. However, readers better be apprised that Dr. Vikram Kalra is one of the best kidney specialists in the country and his hospital has competent nephrologists, all having vast experience of treating kidney related disorders. Besides, the hospital also has provision for both Hemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis, which makes it the best dialysis centre in India.