Why Consult A Dietitian Nutritionist?

According to WHO, a dietitian nutritionist is a person who is well trained, qualified and experienced in preparing nutrition and diet plans for people.  He is also the person who research well, modifies the diet or, food portions, and let others understand the importance of right nutrition in life. He/ She can also, participate with the doctors/physicians to provide health care services.

In a city like Delhi where most people are ignorant about proper nutrition definitely, need a dietitian nutritionist in their lives.

Who can consult a dietitian nutritionist?

From a teenage to an aged person, everyone can consult a dietitian. Even if a person is going through a medical treatment then, also consultation from dietitian nutritionist must be sought to ensure that the person gets a balanced diet for his body.

You, your child or, anyone in your family can consult the best dietitian nutritionist.

Why do you consult a dietitian nutritionist?

A dietitian nutritionist can be sought for reasons:

  • To get a healthy body and to know about nutritious diet.
  • To know about nutrition needed if you have high BP, sugar, or other chronic health problem.
  • To overcome the malnourishment.
  • To lose weight or overcome obesity.
  • To prepare yourself for sports or tournament.

How can you find the best dietitian nutritionist near you?

The best way to find the best dietitian nutritionist in delhi is by searching through the web. You will get the entire dietitian listed near and around you. You can get their details and official websites or pages that you can explore to know more about their services. It is always advisable that you do a detailed analysis before going for a consultation.

Dr. Neha Agrawal is a renowned and possibly the best dietitian nutritionist in Delhi known for her excellent services and results.