Conquer The Monster Called Obesity!

Obesity in a person can be defined and calculated by using the body mass index (BMI). People whose BMI lies between 30-35 are said to have Class 1 obesity. Class 2 obesity is when the BMI is between 35-40 and class 3 is between 40-45. It is very hard to overcome Class 2 and Class 3 obesity with only a strict diet and exercise. Thus, bariatric surgery is performed on them.

An important aspect of the weight loss surgery is balanced and controlled diet along with required lifestyle modifications before the surgery. And this is where the bariatric dietitians come into the picture.

Bariatric Surgery: The Surgical way out

Bariatric surgery is generally only available to those people who have a BMI above 40. Bariatric surgery bases weight loss by restricting the quantity of food that the stomach can hold, which causes malabsorption of nutrients consumed.

 Role of a Bariatric Dietitian

A bariatric dietitian works in correlation with the bariatric surgeon.Bariatric dietitian counsels and works the patients to prepare them for their weight loss surgery by altering the patient’s diet and guiding them to lead a healthy lifestyle. They even play a vital role post the surgery as well. Precise and careful patient monitoring along with regular post-operative follow-ups can help in delivering effective and lucrative results.

Best Bariatric Dietitian in Delhi

It is of utmost importance to connect with an acclaimed and well qualified bariatric dietician to find out exactly how to eat in a healthy way to sustain weight.

Dr Neha Agarwal is one of the most qualified bariatric dieticians who is known for her pre-operative and post-operative nutrition assessments and various medical nutrition therapies. Therefore, we advise you to consult the best bariatric dietician in Delhi Dr. Neha Agarwal for the best bariatric advice and results for the most reasonable prices.

A Healthy Diet Is The Key To A Healthy Living!

best dietitian in delhiWe hear the word diet in our everyday life. It is wrongly also believed that diet is only for people who want to lose weight. Healthy living is equal to eating in moderation. The word moderation means to be in small amounts. One of the keys to living a healthy life is eating in moderation. In other words, following a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating the food that is best for you and consuming it in fewer quantities is the key principle to be fit. The decision as to what food should suit you the best should always be taken by a dietitian. Therefore, we suggest you to go to the best dietitian.

Improve your diet, change your life

A diet best suited to you will help you reach your ideal body weight. Ideal weight could vary from person to person. While some of you will be overweight others might be underweight. You are therefore advised to get in touch with the best dietitian. The dietitian will help you lay out the best diet plan according to your bodily needs. Strictly following the diet that is specially curated for you will help you get to your desired weight in a much easier and less taxing way.

Consult Dr Neha for best diets for yourself.

As mentioned, consulting the best dietitian in Delhi will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and fitter body. Dr. Neha Agarwal has proven to be the best in this field. She will first debrief you to gauge your body type, get to know your lifestyle and eating habits. After this, she curates a diet plan according to your lifestyle and the inputs you have shared. She is probably one of the best dietitian in Delhi who with her expertise tries to guide and help people towards healthy eating and active lifestyle.