Face Lift Surgery to Enhance Your Look!

With growing age comes sagging skin and wrinkles. It makes us look old and feel dull. No matter how hard we try, it is not possible for us to look young forever without doing anything. To retain that youthfulness, many people these days are now opting for rhytidectomy or face lifting surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery which makes the person look younger and graceful. It involves removing the excess facial skin and/or tightening the tissues and re-draping the skin around face and neck. This way all the effects of aging wrinkles and sagging skin are modified. An experienced surgeon can do the face lift surgery in Delhi.

There are certain points to be kept in mind before going ahead with a face lift surgery in Delhi. It is advisable to take time to find the right doctor. Look at that doctor’s previous work and if possible talk to some of his earlier patients. Ask the doctor for an expected result.

There are different types of face lifts-

  • Comprehensive face lift – It tightens not just the face completely but also the neck.
  • Mini face lift – It is only for the bottom third part of the face, also called the lower face.
  • Cheek lift or mid face lift – It is only around the cheekbones.

You should consult a skilled surgeon for guidance about Best face light surgery in South Delhi. The recovery takes some time due to swelling and pain. However, after 10 days you can return to your work. There is no right age for a face lift. It entirely depends on when does the aging process starts showing. For some, it begins in their late 40s while for others they might wait until early 60s.

Dermalife is a renowned skin care clinic that can help you get an attractive and younger looking skin with a suitable face lift surgical procedure.