Know About the Lamaze Method of Childbirth

Since the early ages, the Lamaze was developed by Ferdinand Lamaze who is a French obstetrician. On the basis of Lamaze International, the main goal of Lamaze Classes is to “Increase the confidence of women’s in their process of childbirth”. They teach different teaching strategies in which breathing is said to be the most essential one.

Now, if you are the person who lives in Gurgaon, you can go to Lamaze class clinic in Gurgaon without any issue. Further, the Lamaze method helps you to deal with the pain and increase the level of comfort.

According to the Lamaze philosophy, “birth is normal, healthy and natural” and the women have the right to give birth without any medical help. In addition, Lamaze also focuses on educating the women in which different techniques are taught on a timely basis.

What can you expect in the Lamaze class clinic in Gurgaon?

In one of the best Lamaze training classes, as a woman, you can get to learn different Lamaze techniques and can become a master over time. A typical Lamaze Class covers:

  • Normal Labor & Birth (using real childbirth videos) and the postpartum period
  • Focusing on breathing techniques for labor
  • Including other relaxation techniques and natural strategies to help in working with labor pain, massages, position changes, walking and hydrotherapy
  • Tips which can encourage your partner to support during labor
  • How to effectively communicate with your healthcare team to meet your needs
  • Complications which can occur during birth and labor
  • Early Infection with the Baby
  • Breastfeeding

As of now despite the advancements in technology, still, Lamaze is useful in childbirth method. For this, you can consult Dr. Rekha Thakur whois knowledgeable and is well-known for teaching the Lamaze Method and has one of the best Lamaze class clinic in Gurgaon.