Don’t get embarrassed from Stress urinary incontinence….Treat it successfully with surgery

Stress urinary incontinence is a medical condition in which a person has no control over his/her urge to urinate. This problem can be found more commonly in females than males. This is a very embarrassing situation and the person who suffers from this problem feels really awkward in front of others, though there is nothing under her control. Such people avoid going to social gatherings and they start keeping themselves away from their friends & relatives as they are scared that they might urinate in front of them. Women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries or those who are pregnant as in this condition, their sphincter and pelvic muscles become weak.

It is important that people should be aware of this fact that in Stress urinary incontinence, the “stress” doesn’t mean “mental stress or emotional stress”. In fact, this “stress” refers to the physical pressure that is put on the bladder and due to this, a person can’t control his urine. This physical pressure can be in the form of cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, jump, physical activity etc. In such condition, a person may release either few drops of urine or may have large urine flow. Stress urinary incontinence surgery in Delhi is needed to treat this problem when it is in its severe form. This usually happens when the patient suffers from Stress urinary incontinence on daily basis and thus her life is greatly affected.

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