Your Kidneys Deserve The Best!

Kidneys are the waste management system of our body. They filter and eliminate toxic products from our body which we ingest through our diet or air. While this is the basic and most apparent function of these vital organs, it does more than just that. Kidneys also maintain the electrolyte balance, regulation of BP, and ensure that eh red blood cells are produced regularly. However, the functions of kidney, if impaired, can lead to many other problems. Swelling, confusion, breathlessness, heart problems and other abnormalities are signs of a malfunctioning kidney. A variation in the balance of our body can adversely affect our kidneys. Having a kidney failure is often fatal and should not be taken lightly. It is of paramount importance that you take regular check-ups and seek treatment from the top kidney doctor in Delhi.

Having a kidney problem can be serious and unfortunately, irrevocable. However, with the right treatment at the right time, most of the problems can be treated. Seeking medical help from the top kidney doctor in Delhi can ensure that your kidney remains healthy and the functions are properly carried out. Keeping diabetes and blood pressure under control is essential for proper kidney functioning.

There are a lot of tests you may have to undergo to check the proper functioning of your kidney. One of them is the GFR test or the Glomerular Filtration Test, and the BUN test or the Blood Urea Nitrogen levels test. These tests can ascertain whether your kidneys are functioning properly.

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