Manage your dialysis in the most effective manner with Dr.VikramKalra

Kidney diseases affect not only the patient’s physical life but also have a deep impact on him mentally and emotionally. They interfere in your daily life and make every day routine quite tough for you. When a person’s one kidney stops working, his other kidney takes over the job and performs the filtration as well as purification of the blood. But when both his kidneys are unable to do their jobs then the patient needs to get dialysis done so that artificial cleaning of blood and removal of fluids/waste can take place. The most common method of dialysis that is performed on the patient is haemodialysis.

In haemodialysis, the blood from the patient’s body is made to flow through a machine kept outside known as dialyser. This machine cleans the blood and then passes it to the patient’s body. Now for this whole process to take place, there needs to be a way so that the procedure can be performed smoothly and in less time. The veins and arteries in human body are very small to carry on with this method. Hence a vascular access site needs to be made and this job is performed by the Vascular access surgeon.

Dr.Vikram Kalra is a renowned name in the field of vascular access surgery. He performs this surgery in an outpatient setting and the patient doesn’t need to stay in the hospital overnight. This is a minor surgery in which the top-most Vascular access surgeon in Delhi – Dr.Kalra makes any of the 3 kinds of Vascular access sites depending on the patient’s requirements. Thus, he makes only one or two tiny incisions according to the procedure he is performing.

Dr.Vikram Kalra is a very experienced Vascular access surgeon in Delhi who uses latest equipment and innovative procedures for providing safe and effective treatments.