White Patches on Skin – Myths and Facts about Vitiligo

Vitiligo is one of the skin conditions where a person starts developing pale white patch over parts of the skin. This is caused because of melanin deficiency in the skin. While vitiligo can affect any part of the body, but most commonly it is observed on skin folds, neck and face (primarily starting from the eyes). Vitiligo cannot be reversed, but a successful vitiligo treatment can reduce the problems that you may be facing. Here, we will discuss the myths and facts associated with the problem.


  • People with dark coloured skin are more prone to the condition
  • People suffering from vitiligo are more likely to get affected by other physical and mental disorders
  • One can predict vitiligo and its intensity
  • Vitiligo is associated with skin cancer and leprosy as well
  • Vitiligo symptoms aggravate with certain food combinations
  • Vitiligo is infectious
  • The problem only affects exposed skin of face or hands


While these myths are common to a layman, what most people do not know are these facts.

  • Vitiligo is not infectious
  • There is no permanent solution or cure to the problem, but a good vitiligo treatment in delhi can give you a reassurance that things can turn up well
  • Vitiligo treatment does not guarantee a permanent cure, but therapies like UV Light, medications, grafting and steroids can help
  • Vitiligo is neither related to genes, nor ethnicity
  • The condition isn’t related to dark skin; it is just more noticeable in the darker skin tones
  • Vitiligo has nothing to do with leprosy or skin cancer
  • Vitiligo isn’t affected by the lifestyle choices or foods that you eat

In case you have symptoms or patches linked with vitiligo, you must check with a good dermatologist. Dermalife has some of the best ones for the vitiligo treatment in delhi.