Understand and Treatment For Anal Fissures the Right Way

Anal fissure is a medical condition in which a small crack occurs in the skin around the opening of anal canal and causes severe pain, discomfort and bleeding during bowel movement. Anal fissures usually develop in young infants; however, other people can also become victims of this problem. A person suffering from anal fissures when tries to pass stool, he has to go through unbearable pain. The situation becomes more complicated when the person suffers from chronic constipation because in such cases he has to exert an extra pressure for passing stool. This activity intensifies the bleeding and therefore one can see blood stains on the toilet seat.

Anal fissures are the result of injury caused to the anal canal when a person suffers from chronic constipation, diarrhea or childbirth. Usually the size of anal fissure is around 1cm, which is actually a very small size but still the pain it can cause while passing faeces is excruciating. When you go to a specialist for Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi, he will first diagnose your problem by taking physical examination of the affected area and will also review your medical history. At time, he may perform digital rectal examination by using an instrument called anoscope. Then he will give you medicines to get relief from your problem. In case, your anal fissures don’t heal even after a period of 6 weeks then surgery is recommended to permanently eliminate them.

The most common surgical procedure that is performed by the experts for the Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi is Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy. In this surgery, the patient is given general anaesthesia. As it is not a complicated procedure, one can go home the same day of surgery. Dr. Amit Agarwal is a well-known surgeon having high success rate of performing Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi.

Useful Information If You Are Considering Botox Treatments

Botox Treatment in delhiStaying young and beautiful is every woman’s dream. But this is not possible as with age, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and under-eye dark circles tend to appear making you look older. These signs of ageing are a nightmare for majority of women and they seek ways to get rid of them for maximum time possible. With new advancements made in cosmetic surgery and latest technology used in this field, it is now possible to stay away from these distressing signs of ageing. You no more have to jump out of tremor as you see yourself in the mirror as with Botox Treatment in South Delhi, you can get desired youthful looks for quite a long time. This technique makes your gloomy mood cheerful and gives you a complete new life.

Botox Treatment in South Delhi is a miraculous treatment that successfully decreases your wrinkles and frown lines that make you look mature and therefore helps you in controlling the reflection of your age. It is a non-surgical procedure in which Botox is injected in the targeted area to give desired outcomes. It works by paralyzing the underlying muscles and thus decreasing visible signs of ageing. Botox Treatment in South Delhi is a very delicate procedure and should be performed only by expert hands. In case, your doctor makes mistake in the quantity of Botox to be injected on the specific area, it may lead to harsh situations that may be very harmful for your looks. Therefore, be very careful in selecting your doctor so that you can get results that appeal you the most.

DERMALIFE has extremely talented and skilled doctors to perform Botox Treatment in South Delhi. They strive hard to give you best results and ensure that their patients go home with huge satisfaction rate & in high spirits.

What You Need to Know About Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Surgery

A perfect body shape is the talk of the town these days. Not only women but even men desire for contoured body because they want to stay ahead in this fashionable world. Fat bulging out from specific body areas can cause huge embarrassment to people at times. In order to get rid of such situations, you can opt for Liposuction and abdominoplasty surgery Delhi that helps you to remove that bulging fat in very short period of time.

Liposuction and abdominoplasty surgery Delhi is mainly preferred by those people who have tried for a long time to get a shapely body through diet and exercise but have failed in their endeavours. Some individuals have normal body weight but they tend to have protruding fat deposits in specific areas due to either pregnancy, ageing, hereditary or fluctuations in weight. These surgeries have worked wonders for such people as after the surgery, they are able to bid good-byes to their bulges and attain a life that they have always desired for. People generally opting for these surgeries have seen permanent results provided they follow the instructions given to them by their doctor. In case you tend to have fluctuations in your weight, then these surgeries may not remain effective.

It is very important to get Liposuction and abdominoplasty surgery Delhi done only from an expert because if you fall in the hands of an inexperienced person then you may have to suffer severe consequences. Dr. Bheem Nanda is a well-qualified surgeon who is known to perform Liposuction and abdominoplasty surgery Delhi with great accuracy. You can always expect to get precise results in his case. If you are planning to go for the above surgeries, then you must consult with Dr.BheemNanda and discuss on the pros & cons of these procedures. He will guide you in the best possible way to attain best results.


Best Treatment For Wrinkles That Can Give You An Age Defying Skin Naturally

Treatment for wrinkles in delhiWomen these days are very conscious about their looks and as they age, they want to look younger. When women cross 30 years, their skin tends to start showing signs of ageing that includes wrinkles, fine lines, baggy eyes, dark circles etc. This is their major concern as they don’t want to look older and have fresh young looking skin that is attractive as well as wrinkle free. They search a lot many ways that can help them in keeping their skin as fresh as a flower. Many of them prefer to go for natural methods to rejuvenate their skin. But these methods give results at a very slow pace and many times, people don’t even notice any change. In such circumstances, it is always recommended to go for alternate treatment for wrinkles in Delhi that can give you noticeable results.

With the developments made in science & technology, many new treatments for wrinkles in Delhi are available that have given positive outcomes. Cosmetic surgery, laser treatment, Botox injections, fillers, chemical peels etc have become very famous among people worldwide in short span of time. All these methods give visible results in an effective manner and leave the patient satisfied most of the time. The various treatments for wrinkles in Delhi should only be performed by an expert as an inexperienced hand can cause huge damage to your face. You should always remember one thing that the treatment for wrinkles in Delhi doesn’t give same results in case of everyone.

You must always talk to your doctor in details about the whole procedure that you are opting for so that you don’t get disappointed after the treatment. Consult the experts at “DermaLife” for any problem related to your skin and get right guidance that will be beneficial for you.

Umbilical Hernia-A Harmless Form of Hernia-Surgey and Treatment

There are different types of hernia and all of them are not dangerous. Umbilical hernia is one such problem that doesn’t pose any threat to the patient in majority of the cases. It is a body infection in which your muscle walls of torso that includes your abdomen and groin become weak. As a result of this, they give in to the pressure that is exerted on these muscular fibers and a small tear is created. All the abdominal content then comes out of the muscle wall and forms a bulge which is clearly visible when the patient stands, sneezes or coughs.

Umbilical hernia is mostly found in newborn babies. But there is nothing to worry about it as this hernia has the tendency to heal by itself as the baby becomes 3-4 years old. Sometimes, this hernia takes a long time to heal or may not heal at all. In such cases, one needs to go to the doctor for treatment. Generally, people who are overweight or pregnant women are more prone to falling prey to this disease.

Umbilical Hernia needs immediate attention when one feels pain due to it. At times, the patient may not have any problem due to this but still needs to go for the treatment. Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Delhi is the only treatment that can help the patient in getting rid of this disease. Surgery is not performed in case of infants but for adults, this is the only option.

Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Delhi is a very safe and effective treatment that gives a permanent relief to the patient. Dr. Amit Agarwal is a well-known surgeon having hands-on experience in Umbilical Hernia Surgery in Delhi. He provides comprehensive care and personal attention to all his patients to ensure their faster recovery.

Kidney Dialysis Transplant – Is Kidney Transplant Good For You

The normal function of your kidneys may be disrupted due to number of reasons like infection, kidney stones, tumors, presence of poisonous substances (mercury or carbon tetrachloride) etc. In many cases, one need not worry as these conditions can be treated by medications or alternative methods but kidney failure is a very serious condition as it can be life threatening. In this state, most of the nephrons in your kidney stop functioning due to which body waste is not disposed off. It is accumulated in the blood itself which further forms a poisonous substance causing the kidneys to fail. When both kidneys of the patient fail then he needs to go for Kidney Dialysis transplant in Delhi India to get a solution for his problem.

Kidney dialysis is a treatment done on patients whose both kidneys have failed. In this procedure, the dialysis machine performs the function of kidneys artificially. People with chronic kidney failure need to get dialysis done 3 days in a week. It usually takes 3-4 hours for the whole procedure to be completed. In this time period, dialysis machine performs the work of kidneys that otherwise they would have done in 48 hours. One continues to have kidney dialysis till the time he gets a donor for transplantation. The patient may get kidney either from a live donor or patients who are brain dead. One needs to wait for quite a long time to get a donor kidney. Kidney Dialysis transplant in Delhi India improves the life of a patient and increases his energy levels. The patient needs to take medicines for the rest of his life and also follow a restricted diet.

Dr. Sanjeev Bagai is well-known for Kidney Dialysis transplant in Delhi India as he has maximum number of success rates. He provides treatment options at affordable rates.

Picking the Right laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi

best laparoscopic surgeon in delhiToday’s era has seen so much advancement than we can even think of in medical science. Many procedures which were impossible in the past can now easily be performed with the help of new techniques and modern equipments in much easier way. One such method is laparoscopic surgery which has given a new path to diagnostic and treatment procedures.

It is an advanced surgical approach in which 3-4 small incisions of length almost ½ inch are made on the patient’s body. Small plastic tubes known as trocars are inserted through these incisions. The surgeons then pass a camera and other required instruments through these trocars to carry on the procedure. This camera gives 3D magnified images of the organs present inside the body on the computer screen. These pictures are much clearer than visible than in traditional open surgery. Watching these images, the surgeon then performs the surgery in a more precise manner in order to give accurate and successful outcomes.

Laparoscopic procedure requires a lot of expertise and skills to be performed. Therefore, it is necessary that the person you choose to do this process should be highly qualified and has ample of knowledge about laparoscopy. Best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi uses advanced techniques to do this surgery in a more refined manner. In order to get much better results, best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi may go for robot-assisted surgery in which much smaller incisions are made and robotic arms are used for successful results. There is less scarring as compared to open surgery and also less blood loss, trauma, pain & discomfort. The patient recovers soon and gets back to his normal life.

Dr. Ajay Sharma is an extremely talented & dedicated laparoscopic surgeon in India known for performing successful laparoscopic surgeries while giving high satisfaction rate among the patients.

What You Need to Know AboutYour Knee Replacement Expert

These days knee pain has become quite a trouble for people over the age of 50 years. It may be due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, overweight or injury due to accident. People try number of methods to treat their pain, stiffness or immobility by using non-surgical methods like medications, doing exercises, going for physiotherapy sessions and much more but when all these things seem to fail then one is left with only a single option and that is to visit knee replacement expert in Delhi.

A Knee replacement expert in Delhi is a specialist who has the qualification and experience to deal with your problem and will give you the advice that is best suited for your condition. In case he tells you to go for knee replacement surgery, you must prepare yourself beforehand mentally, physically and emotionally to deal with the situation. In this surgical procedure, the doctor will make a cut on your knee and replace the diseased cartilage or bone with an artificial implant made of either metal, plastic or ceramic. This is known as prosthesis that performs the same role as your normal knee. This surgery has a number of benefits for the patient that includes:

  • It gives relief from knee pain and stiffness. One can move with great ease.
  • Quality of life is improved.
  • You can do your daily activities without any discomfort.
  • The problem of swelling in the knees is eliminated and now the patient can bend or straighten his knee.

However, there are certain risks associated with the surgery like blood clots, swelling near the incision area, excessive bleeding, infections, scarring, damage caused to blood vessels or bones in the knee area etc. Therefore, it is important that you take the help of knee replacement expert in Delhi in order to get maximum successful results.


Plastic Surgery and Choosing The Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon In Delhi

It is very important for a person to feel good about himself as this greatly impacts his well-being. However, there are few people who are not satisfied with their appearance and they feel low about it. This feeling can have an adverse affect on their morale which will hamper his present as well as future. Medical science has found a solution for it in the form of Cosmetic and plastic surgery as it give you a complete makeover making you feel good about yourself.

If you have planned for a surgery to improve the way you look then it is important for you to go to the Cosmetic/Plastic surgeon Delhi having high qualifications, expertise and skill in this field. A Cosmetic surgeon Delhi generally does surgeries that involve reconstructive work on patients and also performs the cosmetic procedures. Reconstructive work means surgery done in case of patients having congenital defects, birth abnormalities, injury caused due to some accident or correcting the damaged limbs for proper functioning of the body. Cosmetic surgery is done to enhance the features of a person. In other words, cosmetic surgery is performed when a person doesn’t like his normal looks and wants to improve them in order to look attractive. Cosmetic surgery is an optional surgery as it doesn’t save the life of a person whereas reconstructive surgery is necessary for a person. Cosmetic/Plastic surgeon Delhi performs both types of surgeries to improve the quality of life of an individual. As a result of this, it will help him in boosting his confidence.

These days cosmetic surgery has gained a lot of popularity as people are more inclined towards improving their looks. Cosmetic/Plastic surgeon Delhi performs a number of procedures on various parts of their body like:

  • Facelift
  • Browlift
  • Body lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation and many other body contouring procedures

One should always go to that Cosmetic/Plastic surgeon who has great expertise in this field so that you are pleased with the results in first time only. There are times when the surgeon you are referring to lacks the experience and therefore you end up dissatisfied with your results. In such cases, you may have to undergo more surgeries to get what you want. Dr. Bheem Nanda is a specialist in plastic/cosmetic surgery and handles even the complex cases with ease. Consult him if you are planning for Cosmetic/Plastic surgery in Delhi.

Choose The Best Thymus Surgery Doctor in Delhi

Anyone who is acquainted with some elementary knowledge of our body system, certainly knows about the significance of immune system. If the immune system is strong enough, then it resists every disease and keeps you healthy. Here, we gonna discuss thymus – which is the primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. It is also recognized as T cells and protects the immune system from various infections. But sometimes, it also gets affected by the origination of tumors and only gets cured through surgery. So if anyone feeling symptoms of it or already developed a tumor, then thymus Surgery Doctor in Delhi is your best for the surgery. But beware, it can be cured successful if detected in an initial stage, after that, it can cost somebody’s life as well.

This operation is very crucial and only a practiced surgeon can perform this surgery. The medical term for this procedure is Transcervical thymectomy. This involves the removal of the thymus gland – this procedure is done through an incision on the neck (lower part), situated above the breastbone, then stitches closed the incision.Thymus surgery doctor in Delhi equipped with the infrastructure of robot-assisted thoracic procedures as well, and about 15% of the total surgeries are under this technology.

There is a great deal of difficulty in removing thymus from its location, as it is found beneath the breastbone and its level is same as the heart. So doctors have to take care when using the surgical equipment because the heart can also get affected by this. Usually, most of the doctors open the chest cavity for the operation, thus it requires at least two months for mild recovery and four months for full recovery. Thymus surgery doctor in Delhi has been working with required safety measures and infrastructure to avoid any mishappening. Firstly, they consider your medical history, your current health status and find out whether you are fit for the surgery or not, only then perform surgery. So if you are looking for the options in thymus surgery, then connect these surgeons instantly because you can’t linger on this aspect.