Treat your Gall stones with laparoscopic surgery

Gall bladder is a body organ that is located under the liver and helps in storing & dispensing bile that is produced by liver. The bile is made up of various substances such as bilirubin & cholesterol and actually absorbs fat in the foods that you eat. At times, gall stones are formed in the gall bladder that result in blocking the duct and don’t allow bile to pass from gall bladder or liver to the intestines.

What are gall stones?

Gall stones are generally of two types: Cholesterol stones and pigment stones. Most of the gall stones found are cholesterol stones which are formed when there is too much of cholesterol in the bile. They may even be formed when the gall bladder doesn’t empty itself completely of bile.

Pigment stones are found in those people who are suffering from certain conditions like cirrhosis of liver, blood disorders etc.

What problems/symptoms are caused by gall stones?

In some people gall stones are silent and they don’t cause any trouble to the patient whereas in rest of them, these gall stones cause severe pain that is almost unbearable. Other symptoms experienced by the patient are nausea, fever, sweating, jaundice etc.

In such conditions, it becomes important to go for Gall bladder Stone treatment in Delhi so that you can get relief from your problems.

Whom to consult for gall stones?

Dr. Amit Agarwal is the best person to contact in case you are suffering from gall stones. He performs laparoscopic surgery to remove your gall bladder so that this problem doesn’t arise again.He has years of experience in minimally invasive techniques and performs them with great accuracy.You can trust him for best outcomes.He is completely dedicated towards his work and patients.


Get over your pattern baldness with hair transplant surgery

Many women across the whole world suffer from the problem of hair loss. But they ignore in the beginning and get worried when thinning of hair becomes visible. They first try to change their hairstyle in order to hide thinning of hair and therefore, suffer from this problem in silence. Dermatologists recommend to go for hair loss treatment as soon as you see abnormal hair fall because sooner you opt for treatment procedures, better will be the chances to avoid the problem. There are many females who suffer from the problem of pattern baldness and have no idea where to go or what to do.

Female pattern baldness occurs in women due to many reasons like ageing, hormonal imbalance and family background of pattern baldness. Women who suffer from this problem generally lose their confidence and are embarrassed to go out in public. They feel ashamed to meet their friends and relatives because of their pattern baldness. Now such females have a reason to rejoice as with the help of proper Female baldness treatment, you can get rid of your problem and face the world with more confidence.

Hair transplant is one of the most effective and safest Female baldness treatments in Delhi that is known to give permanent solution for this problem. It is not an expensive method and therefore is easily affordable by people. Hair transplant is a very delicate procedure and must be done only by an expert hair transplant surgeon. It requires skills, knowledge and experience to perform this surgery with success.

Dr. Gaurav Garg is a well-qualified hair transplant surgeon who performs this procedure with desired results. He is best in providing Female baldness treatment in Delhi. You must consult him for optimum results.

Laparoscopic technique benefits Kidney Cancer Patients

Just recently you are diagnosed with kidney cancer. The news must be devastating for you and your loved ones and there must be many emotions surrounding you. Along with this, many questions regarding kidney cancer must be popping in your mind. It is important for you to gather as much information as possible regarding the disease and its treatment options. Make correct choices in your life to avoid regression in future. The aim goal is to beat cancer by making smart choices and opting for treatment that turns all the tables in your favour.

Firstly you should understand that you are not the only one who is suffering from this disease and situations. There are many people across the world going through same circumstances and emotions. In kidney cancer, there is abnormal growth of cancerous cells in your kidneys that forms a tumor there. Usually this cancer is detected before it has spread to other parts of the body. When you refer to the best kidney cancer specialist in Delhi, he will guide you through various kidney cancer treatment india options that includes:

  • Radical Nephrectomy: This surgery is commonly done for kidney cancer in which you surgeon will remove your whole kidney, adrenal gland and nearby tissues.
  • Simple Nephrectomy: In this method, only kidney is removed.
  • Partial Nephrectomy: Only cancerous tumor in the kidney is removed along with some nearby tissues.

All the above surgeries can be performed using laparoscopic technique. Kidney cancer specialists in Delhi strive hard to give you best results.Dr. Ajay Sharma is a Senior Urologist who has expertise in performing laparoscopic surgery for kidney cancer with great accuracy. He is well-known in the country for his optimum outcomes and high patient satisfaction rate. Consult him for best advice.

Everything you need to know about Anal Fistula

What do you mean by Anal Fistula?

Anus is the small opening in the human body through which solid waste is removed. Anus usually consists of a number of glands and in case any one of these glands are blocked, means, an abscess is formed. Some of these anal abscesses drain unexpectedly and a few need surgical approach. About half of these abscesses may develop into a fistula, which is actually an infected tunnel between anus & skin around anus.

Causes for Anal Fistula

There are many reasons for the occurrence of Anal Fistula that include:

• Accumulation of anal abscess
• Crohn’s disease
• Sexually transmitted disease
• Trauma
• TB
• Cancer

How can you diagnose Anal Fistula?

When you go to your physician, he will first examine the area around your anus and check for Anal Fistula. In case, he doesn’t find anything on the outer area then he may ask you to get few tests done like anoscopy, ultrasound or MRI to check for Anal Fistula on the interior.

What treatment procedure is followed for Anal Fistula?

People who have Anal Fistula can get relief from the symptoms by surgery. Treatment for Anal Fistula becomes necessary when you experience a lot of pain while passing stool. This is a very safe and effective method. An experienced surgeon for Anal Fistula will provide you comprehensive and individualised care during the treatment.

Whom should you refer to for Treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi?

Dr. Amit Agarwal is an experienced surgeon who performs Treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi with great care and accuracy. He uses advanced techniques and high-tech equipments to completely eradicate anal fistula and ensures that healthy tissues are preserved while the procedure is going on. He follows a multidisciplinary approach to treat his patients.

Regular eye check-up from the best eye care hospital protects your eyes from post-diseases

Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body so it is our major duty to protect them from any kind of harmful rays and for this you should go for regular routine eye check-up. In this way, you can protect your eyes from any kind of major disease which can happen if you are not visiting any eye specialist on a regular basis. You should not ignore the importance of a regular eye check-up. So try to visit eye care treatment hospitals in delhi ncr to make sure that your eyes are healthy and to know about the signs and symptoms of any kind of problem your eyes can face.

Serious eye problems can be seen among all age groups due to changing environment and lifestyle of people. Everyone is spending more than 6-8 hours on mobile phones, laptops and TV, thus it is causing serious damage to their eyes. Most common vision problems faced by people nowadays include problem in seeing small prints and close objects, occurrence of tiny spots that float across the eye, dry eyes, tears, burning, redness, itching, night blindness and many more. These problems cannot be left untreated so you should visit the eye care treatment hospitals as these eyes related problems can cause harm to other body parts also. So the time you feel any of the above mentioned symptom,do visit best eye care treatment hospitals in delhi ncr.

Always try to visit the hospital which is specialized in complete eye-care treatment because these kinds of hospitals always have the best doctors with them.Dr. Neeraj Sanduja is an experienced and very well trained professional eye specialist doctor in gurgaon whom you can easily trust.

Get freedom from acne problems with guidance of best dermatologist

The problem of acne is increasing day by day and is most commonly found in teenagers. It is the condition of the skin in which your hair follicles tend to be plugged with oil and dead skin cells. They usually appear on your face, top of chest, neck and shoulders. Generally they keep coming on your skin. As some of them heal, new ones pop up on there. Every person has different type of skin. Some people get acne on severe basis whereas others get mild. At times, the problem of acne causes emotional stress on the person and he is unable to cope with his situation. This might lead to depression or trauma in severe cases. Therefore, it is important that you must opt for best acne treatment in Delhi in early stages itself so that less scars or harm is done to your skin.

For acne treatment, you should go only to the best dermatologist in the city who can treat your problem with great expertise and skill.  These acne treatment specialists help you control your acne and enable you to have a smooth and glowing skin. They also ensure that less damage is caused to your skin and the visibility of scars is less. When you first go to a dermatologist for acne treatment, he will give you medications to treat your skin problem. In case, this doesn’t work for you then he may suggest for laser acne removal treatment or peeling.

Dr. Gaurav Garg in DERMA LIFE clinic is a professional dermatologist who has hands on experience in acne treatment. You must contact him for best guidance and treatment options. He will first examine your skin type and other medical conditions and then accordingly advice the best acne treatment in Delhi that you should go for to avoid acne. Visit his website for more details

Get Relief From Foot And Ankle Pain With Experts

Foot and ankle are important parts of body that support your whole body weight. They tend to get injured due to variety of reasons and may lead to serious consequences if not treated at early stage. It is very important to know the exact reason for pain in your foot and ankle so that relevant Foot and ankle treatment Delhi can be given to get relief. Many times, there is stiffness or swelling in these joints and the person experiences a lot of pain in this area. Whatever may be the reason for pain, you must immediately go to the orthopaedic surgeon for treatment because initially what appears to be insignificant can later on cause a lot of trouble to you.

Foot and ankle Treatment DelhiThese days arthritis disease is on the rise and is the major reason of pain in your foot and ankle. This disease greatly damages your joints and surrounding tissues. As a result of this, person loses his ability to walk and his daily routine is restricted. It can affect anyone, though people who are above 65 years are more prone to this disease. Arthritis in foot and ankle joint is a very serious medical condition and one must get it diagnosed early if he is not getting relief from pain in this area. Once this joint gets affected, your mobility can be completely hindered with time as this area gets completely numb.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will suggest various Foot and ankle treatment Delhi that will help you in regaining your ability to move. Initially, he may suggest you to change your footwear and do exercises, make lifestyle changes, walking aids and last resort is surgery. Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy gives best medical advices as well as treatment for you foot and ankle pain. You can be assured that you are in safe hands with him.

Finding the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Middletown NY for Surgery

Many people across the globe are scared to get any kind of surgery done as they feel that it will cause them a lot of inconvenience and uneasiness. But laparoscopic surgery is quite different from traditional surgeries as one goes through less discomfort and pain in this. Laparoscopic surgery is a procedure in which minimally invasive technique is used to treat the patients. Here very small incisions are made on the patient’s body causing less trouble and hassle. Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Middletown NY is a qualified healthcare professional who is an expert in his job and performs the laparoscopic surgery with great precision.

Many surgical procedures can be done using this modern laparoscopic technique like pelvic laparoscopy, abdominal laparoscopy, endometriosis laparoscopy, laparoscopic hysterectomy and many more. This practice is known for giving huge number of successful outcomes, thereby, attracting more patients towards it. When one goes to the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Middletown NY for the treatment, he can be assured to be in safe hands and can expect great results.

Nowadays, laparoscopic surgery is robot-assisted that allows the surgeon to perform the operation with more precision. He can have clearer visualization of the internal area of the patient’s body and can better work on it. In this method, there is no direct contact between the patient and the surgeon. The surgeon comfortably sits on the console and gets three dimensional view of the operative area on the monitor kept in front of him. He then uses the robotic arms to perform the operation through the small incisions that were made in the patient’s body. The whole process has become very simple now with this automated technique. In future, we can expect to have its improvised version that is fully automated. But for that, we may have to wait for little more medical advancement to be made in the coming years.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi For Those With Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Have you been diagnosed with prostate cancer recently? Are you worried about its treatment options? Do you think you have very little information about the disease?Have you started to think that this is the end of your life? Well, if the answer to the above questions is YES then you must realize the fact that there is nothing to worry if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages because this disease is fully curable in such situations. This cancer is a non-skin cancer and very commonly occurs in men over the age of 65 years. As it progresses quite slowly, many males don’t even come to know about this disease throughout their lives. In many cases, prostate cancer remains inactive for quite some years and therefore doesn’t even cause any visible symptoms.

When prostate cancer is in its early stages, it is known as localized prostate cancer. It means that cancer is only limited to the prostate gland and it has not spread to the surrounding or nearby tissues. When cancerous cells start spreading into the tissues that surround the prostate gland, it is known as locally-advanced cancer and when these malignant cancerous cells spread to various other parts of the body, it is known as advanced prostate cancer. The symptoms of prostate cancer are similar to enlarged prostate and therefore one can easily be casual about these symptoms thinking that it’s not cancer. It is advised that one should always visit the medical specialist in case he notices any visible symptoms of this problem so that the disease can be diagnosed and treatment can begin.

When you go to your doctor for Prostate cancer treatment India, he will first perform certain tests to diagnose your problem and then start your treatment accordingly. He may insert his gloved finger in your rectum and check if the prostate gland is enlarged or not. If he feels it is hard & knobbly then it is a sign of prostate cancer.He may then tell you to go for PSA test that measures the amount of prostate-specific antigen in your blood. In case, its levels are high then again it’s a sign of cancer. Biopsy of the prostate can also tell about the cancer. The stage of your cancer can be determined by the size & location of the tumor and pattern of cancer cells in prostate gland. After knowing about this, your doctor will suggest various options for Prostate cancer treatment India that may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy.

Dr. Ajay Sharma is a well-known senior consultant urologist having ample of experience in prostate cancer treatment India. He performs robot-assisted surgical process that is highly accurate & precise giving best outcomes.

Choose the Best Weight Loss Surgeon Middletown NY

Excessive weight is not harmful till the time one starts facing other problems due to it and is also considered in the category of obese people. One whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is 35 and suffers from other health problems or with BMI as 40 or greater are the candidates who are considered obese and need to get their treatment done to remove the extra flab that is bulging from different parts of the body. Generally in such cases, traditional methods like diet and exercise fail to provide optimum results and people seek ways to improve their health issues. Best Weight Loss Surgeon Middletown NY can be very helpful for such people as he performs obesity surgery to improve the condition of people and makes them lead a normal life while carrying on their daily activities.

Best Weight Loss Surgeon Middletown NY is a highly qualified professional who is specialized in diagnosing and treating patients facing the problem of obesity. He uses modern equipments and provides quality treatment to his patients so that they can get back their normal life and live with full freedom. There are two types of surgeries that are performed on the obese patients: Open Surgery and Minimally Invasive. Nowadays, laparoscopic surgery which is minimally invasive is more in demand as it requires very small 3-4 incisions to be made on the patient’s body and has many advantages associated with it like less bleeding, reduced pain and faster recovery time. It is important to choose the best surgeon for your treatment in order to ensure that you are in safe hands.

Many times obese people face self-esteem issue due to their over-weight and go through daily judgement & criticism from people around them which make their life hell. They should undoubtedly go for weight loss surgery to get back their confidence and feel good about themselves.